Nov 162016



(This is the sixth part of continuing series prepared by Austin Weber putting the spotlight on recent releases, and today he focuses on music from these three bands: Noise Trail Immersion, Gross Ex Machina, and Inexistence of Aeon. To check out Part 1, go here; Part 2 is at this location; Part 3 can be found herethis link leads to Part 4, and Part 5 is here.)


Noise Trail ImmersionWomb

As I’ve said for years, it often pays off to keep track of groups who show promise, but aren’t quite at the level of blowing you away yet. Turin, Italy’s Noise Trail Immersion are yet another group who fit in that category of promising bands worth following who eventually end up capitalizing on the undeniable talent they showed early on. Which for them was 2014’s self-titled experience, which grabbed my attention but left me hoping they’d evolve into something more original moving forward. Continue reading »