Feb 172017


A couple of nights ago NCS contributor Grant Skelton asked if I knew of any “psychedelic death metal”. He said he’d been hunting for that and was finding the search to be a difficult one. One song in particular leaped to my mind immediately, but I decided to do some further thinking and word-searching through previous posts at NCS. And by coincidence, I also came across an announcement about a new band that seemed relevant.

What I’ve compiled below is the playlist of songs I sent Grant later that night. I’m probably stretching the boundaries of the term “psychedelic death metal”, though it’s not exactly a recognized genre label. But I had fun putting this together and thought I’d share it. But I’d also like to ask you to chime in with ideas of your own in the Comment section.


So I thought I’d start with that announcement about a new band (pictured above), the name of which is John Frum. The announcement caught my eye both because of who’s in the band and because of the source of the band’s name, which is quite interesting. Here’s the explanation: Continue reading »

Aug 132015

Heavydeath-Dark Phoenix Rising layout


Heavydeath is a trio of experienced Swedish musicians (guitarist/vocalist Nicklas Rudolfsson, bassist Johan Bäckman, and drummer Daniel Moilanen) who have been involved in many other projects (including Necrocurse and Runemagick). With session drummer Oldfor Suns standing in for Danel Moilanen, who has been performing with Katatonia as their live drummer, Heavydeath have recorded a new EP entitled Dark Phoenix Rising that will be released by Caligari Records on August 25, 2015, and today we’ve got for you the premiere of the EP’s opening track, “Dead Trees“.

I’ve had this song running through my head virtually non-stop since first hearing it. When other music tries to enter the picture, “Dead Trees” just bulldozes it out of the way and stomps it to smithereens for good measure. The song’s central riff is massive — and massively catchy. It hammers and vibrates and occasionally spirals up into the sky from the dank pit where it spends most of its time. Continue reading »