Feb 032016

Defeated Sanity tour


(Austin Weber provides this review of performances by Defeated Sanity, Iniquitous Savagery, and Iniquitous Deeds in Louisville, Kentucky, on February 1.)

Seeing as this was the first metal show I was able to attend in 2016, I figured I should cover it. While I didn’t have my usual NCS photographer pal Nik Vechery with me, or a borrowed camera as I’ve used before, the photos my friend and I got of a few bands at least gives you something to look at. I mainly just wanted to discuss my impressions and thoughts about my two favorite bands of the night.

I had to pick up a friend on the way, so we ended up missing Abominant and most of Cryptic Hymn. I know NCS contributor Grant Skelton is really into Cryptic Hymn, and I thought they sounded pretty good live! But I didn’t get a picture of them either. So the review will sort of start with the third band to go on, Iniquitous Deeds. Continue reading »

Nov 032015

Iniquitous Deeds-Incessant Hallucinations


(Our friend Vonlughlio returns with his second review in as many days, this time singing the praises of the debut album by Iniquitous Deeds.)

Back in 2012 or 2013 when I discovered New Standard Elite, there was a band named on the label named Iniquitous Deeds, with a self-titled EP that displayed amazing musicianship and a killer production that fit well in the BDM genre. Now, flash-forward to 2015 and the release of their debut album Incessant Hallucinations, which saw the light a couple of months ago. With all the BDM releases I’ve been fortunate enough to hear, this album is one of my top choices in the genre.

The band are from California and the members are Matt Kilner (Drums), Niko Kalajakis (Guitars), Mike Simon (Vocals), and Chris Stratton (Bass). They are all top-notch musicians and have simply put out an album that has become one of my favorite debuts, along with Abhorrent Castigation’s from last year. Continue reading »

Jun 102015


(Austin Weber has stepped up for round-up duties today, with a collection of new music and videos from 11 bands.)

Seeing as Islander is once again away in a work-related hell setting, I figured I’d step in again and keep our readers up to date with several newly released jams as well as newly released albums from a variety of bands.

Unfortunately, however, I’m low on spare time, as you may or may not have noticed from my recent absence from posting here at the site these last few weeks. So, I’m going to try something new and say nary a word about the songs/albums posted below — much as that fucking pains me to do! Not because I don’t feel strongly about each and every one of them, but simply because it’s almost 6 AM here, I haven’t gone to bed, and need to be up again in 4 hours. Thankfully, you came here for the music more than anything I would hope.

Without further ado… Continue reading »