Jul 272020


I’m trying to get back into the more normal swing of things after some recent disruptive events I’ve already written about. I made a start yesterday with a two-part SHADES OF BLACK, and am continuing today with this round-up of other music I’ve recently been enjoying. As you’ll see, I probably could have made this Part 3 of yesterday’s column, because it does lean pretty hard into blackened sounds.


If you suspect, or perhaps have already concluded, that metal made exclusively with trumpet, trombone, and drums isn’t your kind of thing, I urge you (again) to reconsider. And if you’ve already embraced what Ottone Pesante do with those instruments, the first track in this collection will cause you to squeeze them harder to your chest (figuratively speaking, of course, because hugs may be disease-riddled these days). Continue reading »

Sep 122016

Krieg-Photo by Hillarie Jason


(Neill Jameson (Krieg) returns to our site with a further installment in his series on black metal from years past. Some real gems are collected here, and others can be found in his previous installments located behind this link.)

Without much need for exposition since this is my fifth time doing this subject, I guess all I really can say is I don’t understand why these records sit with some dust on them when so much other nonsense gets lavished with praise. It’s probably my taste and inability to think positive thoughts, but that seems like some shit for my therapist. So without further hold-ups, here’s a few more black metal records that I feel should have some light shed on them. Continue reading »

Apr 102016

Rearview Mirror


The same person who put me in mind of Summoning for last Sunday’s Rearview Mirror installment is responsible for this week’s choice as well. But while I was already a fan of Summoning before being reminded of their great Stronghold album last week, this week’s suggestion — Mörk Gryning — was a new name to me.

After listening to the album that I’m featuring today, I began to do a little research and soon discovered that the German label Eisenwald re-released this very album on CD in January as the first part of a series of Mørk Gryning reissues, and so I’m going to quote Eisenwald’s own introduction to the band: Continue reading »