Aug 012017


(Music writer Konstantin, who in past years has written for Serbia’s Nocturne Music Magazine, rejoins us with this review of the new album by the Serbian band Nadimac, recently released by Xtreem Music.)

Following their “schedule” of issuing a full-length album every two years, the Serbian band Nadimac have presented their latest work this July. The new offering comes as their fifth studio album and is titled Besnilo (“Indignation”); the album comes with song titles in both Serbian and English. This LP was preceded by only one split release, unlikely previous albums which always saw between two and five splits published before a new LP.

Without a doubt we can say that this is their most mature record so far, and, interestingly, comes as their shortest one to date (at 34 minutes). Although the band have experimented with several details that they haven’t used before, such as acoustic guitars, the sound is typical Nadimac, a sound we could hear on their previous offerings. Straight-forward thrash metal mixed with doses of grind, hardcore, and crust have again produced a record that you don’t separate into parts and listen to only a piece or two, but instead one that you take in completely, with no break. Crossover has been their trademark since the very beginning, and once again the guys have proved that the formula they created years ago still produces good results. Continue reading »

Jun 062017


The politically charged Serbian band Nadimac have been explosively venting their brand of crossover-thrash since 2003, with a discography that now includes about 25 releases, including four albums. Last year they signed to Spain’s Xtreem Music for the release of a fifth one, which will be upon us early next month. Entitled Besnilo, the album is a 14-track attack with lyrics and song titles in the band’s native language. It will be discharged on July 3rd, and to help pave the way, we have the premiere of a song named “Kapitalizam je Kanibalizam” (Capitalism is Cannibalism).

I first came across Nadimac at the time of their last album release, a full-length “so goddamn full of energy, so loaded with high-octane riffs and turbocharged drumming, so infectiously groovy and inventive, that I found it irresistible”. I can say the same of Besnilo, and of the individual song you’re about to hear. Continue reading »

Nov 252015

Hostium-The Blood Wine of Satan


As I mentioned in my last post yesterday (here), I had more than the usual amount of time on Monday and Tuesday to explore new music and found a lot that I enjoyed. In addition to the six videos collected in that last post, I’ve selected recent songs from six more bands here. And at the risk of overwhelming you with metal, we’ll soon be following this round-up today with a second one assembled by Grant Skelton.


Hostium are rooted in Vancouver British Columbia. Their debut album The Bloodwine of Satan is projected for a vinyl release by Germany’s Iron Bonehead Productions in February of the new year, and a CD version will be released around the same time by NecroShrine Records. In recent days Iron Bonehead deployed a track named “Bloodwine Chalice” to Soundcloud. Continue reading »