Jun 262019


(We’ve been the beneficiary of many interviews conducted by Norway-based writer Karina Noctum at this year’s Inferno Festival in Oslo, and this is one more — a lively conversation with drummer Daniel Tveit and vocalist/guitarist Andreas Fosse Salbu, who performed with their band Sepulcher at Inferno but are also members of Reptilian and Inculter.)

In my series of interviews conducted at this year’s Inferno Festival I wanted to include an up-and-coming underground band because my heart is always with the underground. And besides, I really like the Old School Death/Thrash/Heavy style that is coming out of Norway. Out of the bands available I chose Sepulcher. I find their sound heartfelt, true to the beloved roots we all cherish. and raw!

They come from a small town on the western coast of Norway called Fusa. This interview deals with particulars about the emerging scene they come from; a conversation about their sound, recording, and producing; and it also deals with how they try to stay as faithful as possible to the sound that characterizes them. Continue reading »

May 162016



(Our Norwegian comrade Gorger returns with yet another collection of releases we haven’t previously reviewed.  To find more of his discoveries, visit Gorger’s Metal.)

The 13th chapter in the infamous “bellow radar” series is fittingly compiled on Friday 13th [but posted on the 6th because the editor was asleep at the switch — Islander]. If it will air on the same date is too early to tell, and no religion has any “gods of the internet” to turn to.

Still, I hope the date rubs off, and that you have just a little bit of bad luck today. Not much, though. We wouldn’t want that. Continue reading »