Jan 222010

These dudes have really let me down.

In one of our previous Math Metal Monday features, we wrote about Swedish tech-death band Soreption and their awesome June 2008 EP Illuminate the ExcessiveIlluminate included only four tracks, creatively entitled 123, and 4. Then we saw (and wrote about) a report that the band would be releasing their debut album, Deterioration Of Minds, on March 3 via Ninetone Records — and that the tracks would be entitled 5 – 12. How perfect!

We were crushed to discover this morning that the band has sold out: They’ve decided to use actual song names for the tracks on Deterioration Of Minds, instead of numbers. And they didn’t even use any of our shark cartilage song names. I bet the label made ’em do it. According to the band’s blog, the tracks will now be called:

01. Suppressing The Mute
02. The Hypocrite, Undying
03. Breeding Exile
04. …To Dim The Aching
05. A Wolf Among Men
06. Deterioration Of Minds
07. By Venom Entitled
08. March Of The Tyrants

I already miss the old song titles. Plus, I think this is really confusing. I mean, they’ve previously released four songs on the EP, but this full-length begins with Track No. 1 instead of No. 5. What’s up with that?!

On the bright side, Soreption has posted a brief portion of one new song, “March of the Tyrants,” for streaming on their MySpace page. And short as the clip is, it’s definitely Soreption — which means it’s definitely awesome.

Maybe they’ll decide to tell the label to fuck off and change the album title from Deterioration Of Minds to 2.

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