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Many death metal and grindcore bands have got great names, the kind of names that are fun to trot out when a non-metalhead asks you what kind of music you listen to, just to see the resulting facial expressions. Dying Fetus and Napalm Death are among the names I like to use. Of course, it helps that I actually really like both bands.

Death metal and grindcore song names are good for this purpose, too — like “Unchallenged Hate”. Now, if a non-metalhead asks you what you’ve been listening to today, you can tell them: Dying Fetus’s cover of Napalm Death’s “Unchallenged Hate” — because that’s what we’ve got for you in this post. It was just put up for streaming by Metal Hammer, via Muzu.tv, and because the player is embeddable, we’ve got it for you after the jump.

This is the second Dying Fetus cover we’ve featured, the first one being their cover of “Unleashed Upon Mankind” by Bolt Thrower (here). Both songs are from Dying Fetus’ cover album, History Repeats…, which will be released by Relapse on July 19 in NorthAm and internationally on July 25.

And in other news, the re-issue of Death’s Human album (which we covered here) is now streaming in full — all 49 tracks. The link for that is also after the jump.

First, here’s the Dying Fetus take on “Unchallenged Hate”, which appeared on Napalm Death’s 1988 album, From Enslavement to Obliteration. The original is a fucking brutal, grisly song — with a heavy-ass slab of old-school death metal sandwiched around a raw slice of vein-bursting grind. The Dying Fetus cover doesn’t work any significant changes in the original — which is A-OK with me. I do wonder who’s doing the batshit-crazy vocals that Lee Dorrian contributed to the original.

Metal Hammer – Dying Fetus – Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death cover) on MUZU.TV


To hear any or all of the songs on the Death re-issue, which is extremely good, btw, visit the Death Bandcamp page here. You can also buy the album at that page as a digital download. 

It’s interesting that even labels like Relapse are starting to use Bandcamp as a digital distribution platform.


  1. Islander, I’m sure you’d be happy hearing that for a good portion of today, I’ve had the Suicide Silence song in my head. Not a bad thing. Not sure if it’s a good thing cuz sometimes songs I like get on my nerves, but not bad I don’t think.

    The DF track was ok for me, I want John Gallagher’s gutturals to be raised in the mix and used more often, but that’s just me I guess lol.

    I’m currently listening to the Death stream, and I’m neutral to it, I think it’s one of those albums that’ll have to grow on me, so I think I’ll probably buy it if I don’t get anything negative from it, I loved the re-issue of The Sound of Perseverance, and I revisit tracks from it every once in a while; that’s great considering it’s my first full-length from Death.

  2. “It’s interesting that even labels like Relapse are starting to use Bandcamp as a digital distribution platform.”

    I would replace the word “interesting” with “gosh-dang horse-featheringly awesome”.

    Last night I went to a bar in Shinjuku which was incredibly tiny. Like, it had 6 seats. (It was in Golden Gai, if you’re familiar with that area.) It was just my girlfriend and myself, so we were talking to the bartender. For some reason (I no longer have any idea why, as I was on my fourth shot of whiskey), he asked me what kind of music I like and I got to say death metal and grindcore. He asked me for examples of grindcore, so I told him about Anal Cunt and Pig Destroyer. We had a good laugh about how to translate Anal Cunt into Japanese. (We decided on Ketsu no Manko…which seems pretty damn close to me.)

    What an incredibly boring story.

    Oh right, than an angry tanuki raped an old cat with takoyaki on the counter. That was the fun part.

    • I knew there was a punch line coming at some point. A tanuki is a raccoon dog?!? A takoyaki is a dumpling? I’m trying not to picture this in my mind, but I can’t stop.

      • Yeah, tanuki are raccoon dogs. Not sure why they’re raccoon DOGS, but there ya’ go.

        Also, apparently, they have enormous testicles. (The statues do anyway, but probably not the actual animals.)

        Takoyaki is octopus balls. Well, yes, technically, they are dumplings, I guess. But I prefer to call them octopus balls.

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