Sep 072011

Last night I came across three new songs — from Nightrage, Dagon, and Skeletonwitch. Each of them individually is blistering. Listening to them all together runs the risk of leaving you like this:

So, y’know, maybe it’s better to listen to one now and then another one tomorrow and then the third one sometime next week. Unless that picture up above would be an improvement in your looks, in which case just GO FOR IT!


Right after the jump, we’ve got the second song to premiere from Insidious, the new album coming on September 27 (a day earlier internationally) from Sweden’s Nightrage. Based on this track (“Hate Turns To Black”) and the one we featured last month (here), this album sounds like it’s going to be the strongest Nightrage release since Sweet Vengeance (2003) and Descent Into Chaos (2005).

Next up, we have a new track from . . .


NCS writer BadWolf first introduced us to Michigan’s Dagon in November 2010, in his first post on this site (here). They’re self-releasing a new EP on September 24 called Vindication, and they’ve premiered one new song from it so far. The song is called “Where Captains Fear To Sail”, and it has simply knocked me flat. Really, this is a very strong piece of music, catchy as all fuck with beautiful dual-guitar harmonies. Have a listen right below this image of the EP cover, which I like, too:

Where Captains Fear to Sail by Hoop Jones


Last month, our very own Andy Synn interviewed Chance Garnette, the charismatic frontman of Skeletonwitch at a show the band did in England. Not only that, but Andy also filmed the band performing a new song called “Reduced To the Failure of Prayer”, which will appear on the new Witch album, Forever Abomination, scheduled for release in October on Prosthetic. Even making allowances for the less-than-perfect audio quality, Andy’s video captured a killer song. You can see that live footage plus Andy’s video interview of Chance Garnette here.

Now, we can hear the album version of the same song, because Skeletonwitch has made it available on Soundcloud. Yeah, it’s . . . blistering.

Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer by Prosthetic Records


  1. I’ve noticed that if the Soundcloud player just shows a solid gray bar, I almost always like the song in question.

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