Nov 212011

Oh hell yeah, baby, Semargl is back with another video! Long-time NCS readers know that I have a real weakness for this Ukrainian band, despite the fact that they are not trve, kvlt, grimm, krieg, brootal, or even terribly serious. Despite the corpsepaint and spikes, they’ve never really pretended to be any of those things either. And now, after further evolution of their sound, they’ve abandoned all pretense (what little of it once existed), titling their next album Satanic Pop Metal, which has pretty much been their style of music for quite some time.

Satanic Pop Metal will be the band’s fifth album and it will be released on a not-yet-disclosed date by the German label Twilight-Vertrieb. I expect nothing less (and nothing more) than a bouncy, hook-laden, groove-infused good time, with a dollop of nasty on top and dripping down the sides. It will be finger-lickin’ good, though I don’t know where their fingers have been.

The new official video is a live performance of “Join In Fire”, which will be appearing on the new album. The performance was filmed at a Halloween Night show in Kiev last month. In addition to the new album, Semargl plans to release a live DVD next year that will also include this clip. More metal bands should have black-clad dancers named Alina and Olga. Watch Alina, Olga, and Semargl have some fun after the jump.

Semargl’s official site is HERE, and their Facebook page is at this place, in case you’d like to lick them. I mean, like them.

To see more Semargl videos (and if you liked this one, you’ll love the others, too), check out these previous NCS posts about Semargl. And if any metal elitists out there would like to verbally pee on me for featuring this band yet again, that’s what the Comments are for; I’m now wearing my rain gear.

  31 Responses to “SATANIC POP METAL”

  1. Sigh, I am torn.

    I hate their music. Yet I love hot “chicks” in fetish gear. Hmmmm.

  2. I love industrial influences and (don’t flame me for this) this kinda sounds like something I think Samael would create. (But only if they tuned down the poppy synth parts and got rid of the girls.)

  3. I listened and liked. Confession: Checking out more!

  4. Youtube yanked the video in the first link…curses!

  5. This is basically Dimmu Borgir and/or Cradle of Filth without all the pretentious seriousness. Both of those bands should take a page from these guys…at least in the respect that I’d rather listen to Semargl than either of them.

    • Curious about the synth parts… I don’t see a synth player in the video and can’t find one credited in any of their online stuff.

      • Wow… this sounds approximately 0.1% similar to Dimmu.

        I can’t speak for Cradle personally, but that’s just… wrong.

        Dimmu is epic, Semargl is… well, Ibiza-rave music dressed up in fetish/pseudo-black metal clothing. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but still.

  6. Better use of bullet belts on an album cover, this or Imp Naz’s “Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace”? 😀

  7. Madam X meets Samael, absolutely 🙂 What’s the problem with having some loud fun? If somebody wants misanthropy then there are the early works by Beherit, Blasphemy, Mayhem and Impaled Nazarene. Early in the 90’s Black metal and industrial/techno used to be highly hated and ignored genres but now…..LOL

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