Dec 192011

(As we continue to barrel ahead toward the end of 2011, we continue our Listmania series, looking back on the year’s best metal. In this post, we have two lists of favorite albums from members of Spain’s Noctem — lead guitarist Exo and vocalist Beleth. Noctem is one of our favorites here at NCS — check out Andy Synn’s review of their fantastic 2011 album here and his interview of Beleth here, and you can watch their new music video for “The Arrival of the False Gods” in this post.)


1-Obscura – Omnivium

Really liked their previous album, but this one blew my mind, really complex and original at the same time.

2-Decapitated – Carnival Is Forever

These Polish guys still impress me. This album sounds more modern and includes some kind of hardcore influences. The result of a brutal procreation between old Decapitated and Meshuggah.

3-Septic FleshThe Great Mass

Communion sounded so great, but this one goes one step further. Dantean and epic as hell.

4-Job For A CowboyGloom

I don’t really think that their EP Doom was better than their full length albums. I really enjoyed Genesis and Ruination, which didn’t leave my car until this moment; but this new one leaves you wanting even more.

5-Fleshgod Apocalypse Agony

A way more brutal Septic Flesh, with less atmosphere but more blasting and speedy drums. Just fucking love their song “The Betrayal”, epic as the classics.

6-Machine HeadUnto the Locust

With tracks like “I Am Hell”, “Darkness Within”, and “Locust”, these bastards are becoming the deserving successors of Metallica.

7-The Black Dahlia MurderRitual

With no doubt, the best they’ve done since Miasma.


1-Demonical: Infernal Death

Amazing Swedish Death Metal, can’t stop listening to this album.

2-Samael: Lux Mundi

Samael with renewed strength. Great power and great sound quality. It’s in my collection among the best albums.

3-Amon Amarth: Surtur Rising

Huge new album, maybe better work than I’ve ever heard from them before. Surtur Rising absolutely surprised me.

4-Deicide: To Hell with God

The best album of 2011, it’s perfect for any situation — at home, driving at full speed, drinking beer with your friends, banging a young girl, leaving a party, in the shower, taking a shit, taking a shit in the shower, getting to know the parents of your girlfriend, at a family meal, walking the dog . . .

5-Vomitory: Opus Mortis VIII

They are authentics, classic death metal machines. All of the works are priceless. Their new album is a real kick in the face of fucking death metal.

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