Mar 012012

My motivation for reviewing this album by Germany’s Begging for Incest is of course obvious: In our continuing effort to increase site traffic, I’m making a play for people who google-search incest and self-mutilation sites (and thanks go to DGR for this creative marketing tip). That, and I figured that this album would go a long way to balance the NCS scales this week after we loaded up Sunday’s posts with reviews of Lacuna Coil, Brand New, and Giant Squid.

I wasn’t wrong, at least about the scale-balancing thing. Only time will tell whether we get the incest and self-mutilation pervs — though I have high hopes. But on the scale-balancing, this album should sit like a lead weight on the rancid side of the balance arm. If you couldn’t guess from the band name and the album title, it’s a vat of thick, brutal death/slam stew with bones and fresh guts gurgling on the surface and something worse churning down on the bottom.

I have to lead off the description with the vocals, because they’re such a dominant feature of the band’s sound: You get the sound of the pig’s entire life (often within the span of individual songs) — from the frantic squeals of the young piglet wriggling to get to momma sow’s teets, to the rutting young piglet’s first grunts of pig-fucking and orgasmic release, to the belching daily feeds at the slop trough, to the mature pig’s straining groans over a shit that just won’t come easy, to the last shrieks of extremity when his throat gets cut in a jugular spray of gore after he’s been suitably fattened up for the slaughter.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. You get the afterlife, too . . .

You get the ghastly, abyssal, death metal gutturals of the giant demon pig come roaring back from the grave to wreck vengeance on the human beasts who raised him only to die and furnish his dead flesh for consumption. What that demon pig is going to do ain’t pretty — you can hear that viciously murderous intent quite clearly.

Past the “This Pig’s Life” vocals, the music is a hammering blast of atonal guitars and weaponized drumming (which I thought was especially creative in its maliciousness), and it hits hard. But it’s also scarred with deep grooves and interesting tempo changes — and the result is an above-average platter of crushing slams and saw-mill grinding that will get you moving and put a scowl on your face.

Yes, I confess: I wrote this post not only because we’re looking for perv traffic, but also because I enjoyed this album. It’s nothing but blunt force trauma with beatdowns and breakdowns, but sometimes that’s what you want, right?

Here are a couple of songs for you to inflict upon your ears:

“A Cruel Streak”

[audio:|titles=Begging For Incest – A Cruel Streak]

“Bashed Beyond Recognition”

[audio:|titles=Begging For Incest – Bashed Beyond Recognition]

How about some band links?


  1. Try bestiality and scat too, those are sicker pervs.

  2. It’s nice to find music I can easily relate to.

    And I love the vocals…gives nice meaning to squeal for me piggie.

  3. That “A pig’s life” paragraph was fucking excellent.

    Also this music is way better than a slap to the face at waking you up.

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