Aug 062013

(I guess it’s obvious that neither I nor my NCS cronies wrote this.  Just like the first installment back in January, NCS guest contributor KevinP did this.)

IGORRR Hallelujah

I was gonna save the best for last, but I was too excited and figured we’d start off with a huge mindfuck.  This is also my new favorite thing of all time (for this week anyways).  I’m even willing to give partial credit to our CEO for posting the Apathia Records Comp recently, which featured ÖXXÖ XÖÖXIGORR is the main solo project of Gautier Serre (of ÖXXÖ XÖÖX fame).  While listening to the prior band, I stumbled across this gem.

I’m not going to spoil it for ya, just listen and keep listening, it has a little bit of everything (even chicken clucks).  The French have officially cornered the market on weird shit.  “Vegetable Soup” makes me feel like I’m walking around EPCOT (yeah Walt Disney World), then a techno opera, a farm, a techno farm dance club, whatever.  (It also has plenty of metal parts, don’t be scared.)



PETROL PATROLDomestic Warfare

I’ll admit to being friends with these Swiss bastards (the singer, Alex, actually.  Don’t hold it against him).  Some Sepultura/Exodus/Slayer-inspired thrash with a Terror/Biohazard vocal style.  They have this EP available at their Facebook page. I was told that new/future material will keep the same vocal style but will be musically inspired by At the Gates/The Haunted /Forbidden.


OWLYou are the Moon, I Am the Night

This one I found just by browsing through Metal Bandcamp last week.  German death/doom, their 2nd album.  All physical copies of the CD (a whopping 111 were pressed) have sold out, but you can still nab this beauty for the digital price of 7 Euros.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up in some of your Top 10 Lists by the end of the year.  Vocally (at times) this reminds me of a tortured Tom G Warrior.



SEAN VAN DOMINIC – The Beautiful Canvas of Envy

Remember that South African death/thrash band, Warthane, posted here almost 2 years ago?  I never cared for what I heard, but one of my ‘mates (thanks Alicia) turned me onto this.  I guess it’s a future solo project that Warthane’s vocalist/guitarist is doing, as it sounds nothing like his other band.  Mid-paced death metal, high quality stuff, a free download at Soundcloud, definitely has me eager to hear what else he has up his sleeve (now if he would just respond to my damn friend request, I could ask him.  LOL)


  1. Igorrr is freakin awesome! Metal, noise, electronica, chickens and vacuum cleaners!

  2. Reactions:

    IGORRR: were they also farting in Vegetable Soup? I mean, in the song?

    PETROL PATROL: Diggin it.

    OWL: Pick of the litter. Want to adopt it.

    SEAN VAN DOMINIC: Envious of his beautiful canvas. Actually, this may be the pick of the litter. Want more.

  3. When I saw Igorrr it drove me crazy, thinking, “I know I’ve seen that name before … but where?” It finally hit me. Igorrr guested on a track for Innerty, a sort-of jazz metal group from France (or are they more math-death?). I think NCS covered them last year. Introduced me to them, in fact.

    I’ll admit, Igorr’s guest track is probably my least favorite on the record, but worth a look mayhaps for others. The rest of the record is great:

  4. I first started listening to Igorrr because of his involvement in Pryapisme (whom you would love the shit out of if you like Igorrr’s solo stuff); he was also the brains behind Whourkr, so dude’s got a knack for coming up with weird, brilliant stuff.

    • I think I first heard about Igorrr because of Whourkr, which is now dead and buried as of this spring, but not before the release of “4247 Snare Drums”, which is a mindfuck in its own right.

    • Yup, pyrapisme was on that Apathia comp. seems like all these French weirdos are interconnected.

  5. This really means a lot. Yes, it is project that I hope to expand on more in the future. Thank you again for the write up

    • Welcome. Keep the material coming and Islander will eat it up like like ARoid does PED’s 😉

      • I have a pretty thick skin, but when you make an A-Rod comparison, them’s fightin’ words! Except I undoubtedly would eat up more songs like “The Beautiful Canvas” . . .

  6. I think I found Igorrr by just blindly clicking albums on bandcamp. Great album. Little bit of everything.

  7. That first track off Igorrr had me captivated, but after listening to a few tracks I felt like I would struggle to listen through a whole album. Still, good to see some random different stuff going down. Owl is awesome, and it’s payday! so off to bandcamp I go….

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