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Ares Kingdom-The Unburiable Dead


I’ve been distracted by a combination of personal obligations and the demands of my fucking day job. As some of you may have noticed, we didn’t post anything on Sunday, which was only the seventh calendar day in five and a half years when that has happened, and we had only two posts yesterday. So great is the daily flood of metal that even a few days of distraction means that we get very far behind in our attempts to keep up with all the new music. Catching up would be a herculean task, but in this post I’ve made a modest effort to round up some (and only some) of the good new music and video streams that have surfaced since the end of last week.

This collection is incomplete, but it’s still a long playlist of recommendations — presented in alphabetical order by band name, with a rare paucity of words from me about the music. Your thoughts about these sights and sounds will be welcome, as always.


Roughly two years after the release of their last album, Veneration, Kansas City’s Ares Kingdom are about to drop a new one. The name is The Unburiable Dead, and the CD release is projected for early September on Nuclear War Now!, with LPs to follow. The album cover, which I think is wonderful, is based on a piece by the German artist George Grosz (1893 – 1959) called “The Pit“. When a friend of the band told me about the cover, he included this quote by the artist, who led a fascinating and tumultuous life:

“My Drawings expressed my despair, hate and disillusionment, I drew drunkards; puking men; men with clenched fists cursing at the moon. … I drew a man, face filled with fright, washing blood from his hands … I drew lonely little men fleeing madly through empty streets. I drew a cross-section of tenement house: through one window could be seen a man attacking his wife; through another, two people making love; from a third hung a suicide with body covered by swarming flies. I drew soldiers without noses; war cripples with crustacean-like steel arms; two medical soldiers putting a violent infantryman into a strait-jacket made of a horse blanket … I drew a skeleton dressed as a recruit being examined for military duty. I also wrote poetry.”

In addition to revealing the cover art and other details about the album, the band also debuted the new album’s title track, which is the first stream in this collection. “The Unburiable Dead”

Here’s the track list, followed by the new song:

Nom de Guerre
Salient and Redoubt
Writhe: Fettered to a Corpse
The Unburiable Dead
Stultifera Navis (Armistice and League)







The Atlas Moth video


The Atlas Moth from Chicago are about to embark on a tour with Vattnet Viskar. And to remind us why that tour will be worth catching, the band released an official video for a new song named “The 6th Passenger Is Death”, which will appear on a 7″ split with KEN Mode at the end of this year via Init Records.

The video was made by Ryan Oliver at Deathblow Productions.

To pre-order the split, go HERE. Details about the tour can be found beneath the video.

The Atlas Moth “The 6th Passenger is Death” from Ryan Oliver on Vimeo.



8/6/15 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
8/7/15 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
8/8/15 Englewood, CO @ Moe’s
8/10/15 Boise, ID @ Shredder
8/11/15 Seattle, WA @ Highline
8/12/15 Portland, OR @ Ash St. Saloon
8/13/15 Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull
8/14/15 Glendale, CA @ The Complex
8/15/15 Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room
8/16/15 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
8/17/15 Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
8/18/15 Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room
8/19/15 Houston, TX @ Rudyards
8/20/15 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
8/21/15 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
8/22/15 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum
8/23/15 Asheville, NC @ New Mountain
8/24/15 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
8/25/15 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus
8/26/15 Boston, MA @ Great Scott
8/27/15 Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery







Cattle Decapitation-The Anthropocene Extinction


Though we have devoted space to advance songs from Cattle Decap’s new album The Anthropocene Extinction, we haven’t yet managed to post a review — but the traitorous Andy Synn did post a widely circulated one at another publication. I do agree with his sentiments:

“Absolutely massive in sound, and uncompromisingly ambitious in scope. This is the sound of a band racing ahead of the pack and daring everyone else to try and keep up.”

Yesterday, shortly in advance of the album’s August 7 release, Loudwire premiered a stream of the entire album along with a song-by-song commentary from frontman Travis Ryan. You can go here to read and listen:






Gorod-A Maze of Recycled Creeds


Well, we finally have a stream of the first advance track from Gorod’s new album at a place other than “Deezer”, which could not be visited by large segments of planet Earth. Yesterday Decibel shared the stream of “Celestial Nature”, and you can hear it by following this link:

The new album — which is highly anticipated here at our putrid site — is named A Maze of Recycled Creeds, and it’s due for release on October 16 by Listenable Records, and in the U.S. on a date to be determined by Unique Leader.




Kauan Sorni Nai


Now for a dramatic change of pace. What you’re about to see and hear is a video for the first seven minutes of a single-track album by Ukraine-based Kauan named Sorni Nai that’s 52 minutes long. This is the band’s seventh album and it will be released by Blood Music. Pre-orders begin on August 5; the CD and digital releases come on October 20, and vinyl is projected to release on November 10. I think the following information about the album is worth sharing… and then I’ll embed the video:

“The album’s concept focuses on the infamous Djatlov Pass Incident. In 1959, nine Soviet hikers went on a trip to reach Mt. Ortorten in the Ural Mountains. None of the hikers were seen alive again. Their bodies were found a mile from their campsite, missing their skis, shoes, and coats while braving -30°C weather. Two of them had fractured skulls, two had major chest fractures, and one was missing her tongue. Investigators listed the cause of death as “a compelling natural force,” and the case was immediately closed.

“The artwork by Sonia Melnik is a panorama displaying known imagery of the hikers skiing towards their destination.
The album’s title references the golden goddess of the Ural Mountains’ Mansi region. The band otherwise continues in its tradition of singing exclusively in poetic Finnish, the only known non-native-speaking band outside of Finland to attempt lyrics in the unique Nordic language, one of the most complex in the world.

“Even though the album is intended to be one single track, the band has split it up into chapters for the CD release, which are titled in the native Mansi language.”








Lychgate-An Antidote for the Glass Pill


Lychgate’s new album An Antidote For the Glass Pill is, in a word, amazing — and not like anything else you will hear this year. Decibel premiered a full stream of the album yesterday. Treat yourself and go here to discover its wonders:

The album will be released on August 18 by Blood Music and can be ordered HERE.






Nechochwen-Heart of Akamon


September 4 is the release date for Heart of Akamon, the new album by West Virginia’s Nechochwen, which will be distributed jointly by Bindrune and Nordvis. Over the weekend. Nordvis premiered the first advance track from the album — “Lost on the Trail of the Setting Sun” — and I’ve embedded the stream below.

I will have a review of the album finished by this time next week. For now I’ll say only that it’s a stunning accomplishment.

Pre-order the album HERE for North America and at the Bandcamp link below for Europe.








Rivers of Nihil - Monarchy


The new Rivers of Nihil album, Monarchy, will be released by Metal Blade on August 21. We had the pleasure of premiering the title track last month, and followed that with Austin Weber’s review. It’s a superb album, and now we have a chance to remind you about it because of a video for the song “Sand Baptism” that Loudwire premiered yesterday. Watch that below; the album can be pre-ordered HERE.










Yesterday Belgium’s Saille have released a new video for “Aklo”, a track that’s included on their most recent album Eldritch, released by Code666 Records in November of last year. The video was filmed by Sam Velghe and he provided these comments about the video:

“As always I try to visualise the atmosphere and feel of a certain song in my videos. A song like ‘Aklo’ wants to be recorded and edited in a basic, raw way without the use of tripods, sliders or steadycam. The song dynamics are reflected in the energetic movement of the band members and the backlight enhances the dark and emphasises the song. The additional slow motion parts contribute to the mystery of ‘Aklo’ and the story behind the lyrics. This video is all about performance, but in different way than Saille is usually seen, with light show and bigger stages. This is pure, raw and dark, as the song, as it should be.”



  1. Ares Kingdom is awesome, I’m really looking forward to the new album, and the new Rivers of Nihil as well.
    NCS has been my favorite metal blog for awhile now, but with my recent promotion to babysitter at another blog I’m appreciating the quality music and conversation here more than ever 🙂

  2. Really looking forward to hearing more of the new Ares Kingdom

  3. I hope to read a review soon about “The Anthropocene Extinction” to know what you think of this…masterpiece, a word that needs to be used carefully unless you agree with me about how this band is capable to join their dramatic slope in the melodies that seems to me perfectly woven with a merciless cascade of blast beats and riffs, these guys are innovative for the genre and I clap my hands for the producer too, great album, very intense, another wrathful, charismatic and awesome offering by “Cattle Decapitation” and Rivers Of Nihil shows again their good taste for atmospheres and savagery in the video.




  4. Absolutely everything in this post completely slays. So psyched on the new Cattle Decap, especially since the new tour announcement means I’ll get to see them twice in about a month’s time 😀

    If I was more on top of my affairs, I probably would’ve cranked out a review of that Nechochwen by now, but truthfully I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it before yours anyway. I can say that the whole thing is easily one of the best things Bindrune has put out all year, and Bindrune has been on fire lately so that’s saying something.

  5. Haven’t gotten round to the other things, but Cattle Decapitation totally delivered once again!
    That unique vocal performance goes for the throat right from the first song… sends a chill down my spine every single time. The subsequent solo finishes the remaining shambles shortly after. Godlike.
    And then to consider that’s only the first song…

    I hope to read a review here at NCS shortly :D.

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