Sep 102019


(This is TheMadIsraeli’s review of the new album by the Swiss band Algebra, which will be released on September 30 by Unspeakable Axe Records.)

Progressive thrash metal has always been a tricky sub-genre to tackle, mostly because a lot of the time it just ends up not being thrash anymore. It usually tends to become more like traditional heavy metal with some experimental stuff in it or it becomes death-metal-influenced and looks to bands like Death, Pestilence, etc., to derive its progressive tendencies. Finding progressive thrash metal that’s thrash, while being progressive, while also maintaining the adrenaline mainline intensity and riffing intricacies of the genre, is actually pretty difficult.

For the record, my definition of progressive is not the “power metal but long songs and instrumental virtuosity” brand like Dream Theater, etc.  I think many people would agree that progressivism in metal tends to manifest itself with… Continue reading »

Oct 122014

(Our friend and fellow blogger deckard cain re-joins us with a fresh set of musical recommendations.)


While Diablo constantly devises plans, doomed to fail of course, to conquer the world and the rest of the world lets out a collective sigh, I sit here thinking. Thinking about penning down yet another scroll on the most infectious maladies of the ear, and lo, here we are!

“Stay awhile and listen.”


OSDM with an extremely glossy finish, courtesy of Dan Swanö.

I’ve written about these guys from Germany before; in fact it was on my best of 2012 list here on NCS. What probably separates them from the old guard is their knack for using grooves that are more reminiscent of modern metal. One could say that they’ve got one foot each in the past and the present. This German trio’s got a new LP out titled Kingdom of Worms via FDA Rekotz. Stream their first single below. Continue reading »

Jan 042013

(Um, I guess it’s obvious that neither I nor my NCS cronies wrote this.  Guest contributor KevinP did.)

MYRAETH — In Glorious Death

Kudos to the “Facebook Stalker box” on this one.  Saw a friend comment on a band status,  so I took a look.  Death/doom from Sydney, Australia.  Picture My Dying Bride, with all-male harsh vocals, clean female vocals, less wrist-slashing depression, and a tad more upbeat.  Mighty good stuff indeed (I blame the salted yeast laced with B vitamins).   (digitial & CD available here)

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