Apr 062021


Last September the eccentric Norwegian grindcore band Beaten To Death made a vinyl release of a new album named Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos (which Google translate renders as “Never mind, I’m moving to the woods”). In keeping with other enticing peculiarities about the band, they then made a digital release of the album — but divided its four segments into four EPs that emerged every other week during November and December.

Each of those four segments was ostensibly devoted to a different forest — the Dutch forest Mastbos, the Japanese forest 青木ヶ原 located northwest of Mount Fuji, the Norwegian forest Østmarka near Oslo, and the forest moon of Endor (of Star Wars fame). If it seems odd that a grindcore band would devote themselves to the beauties of woodland nature, it’s not entirely clear that they did, given the presence of such song titles as “Flatulence of Emotions”, “The Night Is Young and We’re All Out Of Nekro”, “Rectal Dark Ages”, “If Your Music Were A Blowjob It Wouldn’t Suck”, and the song that’s the subject of the video we’re premiering today — “Hallway To Hell“.

On the other hand, there are surprising moments of beauty in Beaten To Death‘s music, which is part of what makes their unusual approach to grind so enticing. Continue reading »

Feb 262020


(Karina Noctum conducted this extensive interview with the prolific and multi-faceted drummer AntiChristian, touching upon many subjects, including the activities of three of the very different main bands he now plays in.)

AntiChristian is a Norwegian drummer known for playing in Tsjuder and Gothminister. He also plays in a less-known band called Beaten to Death that is getting increasingly more recognition both in Norway and elsewhere. This interview includes some in-depth questions about BtD since it is a pretty interesting and unique band that picked up my attention since the beginning. In addition to drum-talking, there is also some cool news when it comes to Tsjuder and Gothminister, which will most likely be topics for in-depth interviews in the future. Continue reading »

Dec 182018


When last we checked in with Norway’s Beaten To Death the year was 2015 and the band were on the brink of releasing their third album, Unplugged, which our reviewer Austin Weber called “the rarest kind of grind release” — “a record that’s memorable from start to finish”, with unusual vocals and melodic components that floated above the thrashing chaos and groovesome chugs in a way that made the music unusually atmospheric and gave it staying power.

Now these Oslo-based grind innovators are returning to the field of battle beatings with a new album named Agronomicon, which will be digitally released by Mas-Kina Recordings on Christmas Eve and on CD and LP come January 4th. The band have begun releasing something new on a daily basis leading up to the release, and today we bring you the latest offering, a track called “Havregubbens Dolk“. Continue reading »

Sep 172015

Beaten To Death-Unplugged


(Austin Weber reviews the new album by Norway’s Beaten To Death.)

It’s high time for grind time here at NCS, and while I’ve been very impressed with a number of fascinating grind releases this year already, it’s time to add the new Beaten To Death record, Unplugged, to that list of genuinely exciting releases that break the mold.

I recently posted a video here at NCS for a song off Unplugged called “Don’t You Dare To Call Us Heavy Metal”, a strange yet catchy grind tune whose melody will stick in your head as it lifts you up high above the ground. That song is very indicative of the sort of oddball, one-of-a-kind deathgrind that Beaten To Death do so well, and it’s also a good example of their often hilarious song titles and lyrics.

Only one other track is available for listening ahead of the album’s October 9th release, one called “Knulleviser for Barn” that our man Badwolf premiered over at Invisible Oranges yesterday. If you want to check out the song he premiered while you read, go here; or you can also check out “Don’t You Dare To Call Us Heavy Metal”  embedded right here from YouTube: Continue reading »

Aug 272015

Cerebric Turmoil cover


(Austin Weber steps up for round-up duty, with new music from four bands.)

While we already shove enough music down your throat on a daily basis to have your anus crying musical notes for a year, I figured I might as well present some more killer metal to up the rectal/ear discomfort of our readers. Below you’ll find a smattering of new songs by groups about to release new material, as well as a heads-up about a new release worth investing time in. A feast for the fetid-minded awaits you. In either a pleasant or unpleasant way. Your choice.


Oftentimes promising metal bands I’ve been interested in have sadly bitten the dust before they were able to release a proper album or EP. So often, all we have in memoriam is a brief demo or split material. For a number of years now, it’s looked like that very fate might befall German death metal band Cerebric Turmoil. After a 2006 demo, the band started off at a very high level, releasing a split album with none other then Defeated Sanity, which should give you an idea of their sound and also the quality of their music. In fact, at one point, the band actually had Defeated Sanity’s bass player in their ranks, and they also had famed oddball guitarist Fountainhead (now in Obscura) in their line-up at one point too.

After releasing their split with Defeated Sanity in 2008, the band broke up that same year. And while they re-formed in 2010, a full-length statement was nowhere in sight. Only now in 2015 are the band on the cusp of releasing their very promising debut, Neural Net Meltdown (on November 13th) through Amputated Vein Records. They just released the first song from it called “Grotesque Dreaming”, which I’ve embedded below for you to jam. Continue reading »

Nov 282013

(NCS contributor Austin Weber has delivered unto us a three-part introduction to new and forthcoming releases by 7 bands. In this second part, he focuses on Beaten To Death and Inanimate Existence. Part 1 can be found here.)

The end of the year is usually a slower time for new music releases, a time when much alcohol is consumed and countless amounts of money are wasted on bullshit soon forgotten. But fortunately I’ve got plenty of releases and new songs to catch up on and spread the word about.


I first heard about Beaten To Death in the way I have for many a band, by scanning the always handy Metal-Archives.com. I was re-visiting She Said Destroy’s page and noticed that their vocalist Anders was in this group. Intrigued, I bought their 2011 debut, Xes and Strokes. What I got was a no-frills grind record that was killer from start to finish, even if they weren’t doing anything anyone else wasn’t. They just recently dropped their second album, Dødsfest!, and like their last record, it sonically benefits from the raw intensity gained from being recorded live in their practice space. Continue reading »