Sep 082011

(Trollfiend displays his erudition about Hungary and about Hungarian folk-metal band Dalriada in this guest post. I’m enjoying laughing my ass off while learning about new metal. And Hungarian pizza.)

The tiny landlocked nation of Hungary in Central Europe is home to, uh…um…wait, I think Bela Lugosi was born there.  And, uh…the inventor of the Rubik’s cube.  And incidentally when I attempted to Google edutaining facts about the country, “Hungary Howie’s” restaurant was the first thing to come up, so I can only assume pizza was invented there as well.  It is also home to a massive and diversified metal scene (some members of which have already appeared in these hallowed halls, such as Thy Catafalque, Gire, Slytract, MytraMeankind, and I Divine).

Hungary’s land mass is approximately 36,000 square miles.  Preliminary research suggests that at least 87.9% of this land mass is comprised of metal bands.  Aside from being the birthplace of the guy who discovered vitamin C (the actual vitamin, not the orange-haired pop singer), it’s also the home of HangSúly, the national Hungarian Metal Awards.  Metal Awards? Do WE have that? I mean I know not every country can boast spawning the creator of the three-phase alternating current electric locomotive, but that AND a national metal awards show? It must be something in the water (of Lake Héviz, the second largest thermal lake IN THE WORLD).

I’m only mentioning Hungary here because I am totally craving a pizza right now.

No, wait, there was another reason.  Folksy folk metal folk band Dalriada is from there as well.  By “there” I mean Hungary, home of the largest medicinal bath house in Europe.  Now I know Dalriada is going to be a hard sell to most of the NCS crowd: aside from the clean female vocals, it’s motherfucking PEPPY.  Peppy as shit.  I wouldn’t lie to you about something like that. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »