Mar 092016

High Priest of Saturn-Son of Earth and Sky


(Grant Skelton reviews the new album by High Priest of Saturn.)

I frequently come across new doom or sludge bands who only seem interested in replicating Matt Pike’s Dopesmoker guitar tone and failing miserably at said replication. Nothing wrong with worshipping your idols, and imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. But sometimes we don’t want (or need) a replica. Sometimes we want a diamond in the proverbial rough. Even if that diamond might be a sugar cube served with a hallucinogenic dollop of some kind of esoteric elixir.

Trondheim, Norway’s High Priest Of Saturn are a band I randomly stumbled upon. I hadn’t even heard their name, let alone their music. Perhaps it was their monicker, or the interstellar artwork for their new album Son Of Earth And Sky that initially drew me in. But one drop from their vial was all my palate needed before I yearned for another dose. Continue reading »

Jan 262016

Rotting Christ-Rituals


Sometimes I worry that we bombard you so heavily with new music that it might become exhausting, or just unrealistic to follow what we’re throwing at you. I’m kind of feeling that way today, which is why I changed the title of this post from the usual “Seen and Heard” headline — since this would be the fourth of those in four days. But despite the different title, that’s still what this is — a round-up of recently released music we want to recommend.


It seems like only a week ago that Season of Mist released the last advance track from Rotting Christ’s new album (featured here). Actually, it was only one week ago. But yesterday another track premiered. And of course I’m writing about it because I think it’s just as strong as the ones that have preceded it. Continue reading »

Jan 132016

High Priest of Saturn - 1


(Comrade Aleks presents his interview with Merethe Heggset, vocalist and bassist in the Norwegian band High Priest of Saturn, whose second album will be released next month.)

High Priest of Saturn is from our planet; actually this band was born in Norway about five years ago. Well, they’re from Norway and they don’t play black metal. They did a demo-record in 2011 and stole the heart of Svart Records’ boss, who helped the band with the release of the High Priest of Saturn album in 2013.

The core of the band are Merethe Heggset who sings and plays bass; Andreas Hagen who can easily deal both with guitars and drums; Martin Sivertsen (also Andreas‘ mate in the Resonaut band), also a guitarist; and Ole Kristian, organ player.

I already gave you a hint, but let’s clarify it: High Priest of Saturn perform a bit raw, a bit dirty, but overall psychedelic doom metal with hypnotic female vocals. If you like Acid King, then you need to check it. We had already started this interview with Merethe when suddenly I found a promo version of the band’s new album Son of Earth and Sky in my mail box and it took a bit more time to finish our discussion. Continue reading »