Nov 192013

(In this post, Andy Synn provides updates about five bands who have been the subject of past SYNN REPORTS (and one “proto Synn Report”): Martriden, Astarte, Anata, V.A.S.T., and Persefone.)

Wow, it’s been almost two months since the last edition of The Synn Report! Where does the time go?

In the intervening time I’ve been very busy, both with work, band stuff, and my personal life (yes, I do have one outside the site… erm, kind of…), and simply haven’t had chance to settle down and get to work on things in the more in-depth way that The Synn Report requires of me!

Don’t worry though, a new edition, with an all-new band, is on its way. In the meantime, I thought we might as well check in with a few updates from those bands we’ve featured here in the past.



Recipients of the first proto-Synn Report, Progressive Black Metal types Martriden are currently in the process of finishing up their third album.

Back in August they posted:

Shane- “finished vocals today, now it feels like a bunch of sea urchins had a bar fight in my throat.”

And last month the following picture appeared, with the tagline:

Mixing has commenced! Re-ampage time.

Looking forward to something spectacular from these guys.



The very first Synn Report dealt with these Greek sirens and their devastating black/death hybrid. However, since 2007’s Demonized there’s been very little from the band.

Recently, however, they broke cover to announce:

“After a long period of time as Astarte we are glad to announce that we will be enter to the studio to record our sixth full album under the name ‘Blackdemonium.’

“The album will contain 9-10 tracks of black/death metal music with some thrash influences. The cover of the Blackdemonium artwork will be handled by Maggot Meister and will be revealed when it will be ready. Maggot Meister has done several covers artworks, logos, and merch designs for bands like Master, Hirax, Children of Bodom, 1349, Amon Amarth, Pain, Edguy, Violator, and Mortiis. You can check his excellent work at this location.” 



These Swedish tech-death types (covered here) have been AWOL for quite a while now, leading many to speculate that they’d quietly broken up and gone their separate ways… but there may yet be hope.

A recent posting, ostensibly by bassist Henrik Drake, offered up this little bit of news:

“Well, here is what really happened. We did not have our advance (half recording budget) from Earache to ever start the recording. We did so spending our own money. Then we asked them to have our advance as well as money to finalize the mix (vocals to be quickly added). There was no interest from Earache. We did not offer them an unmixed instrumental album. We still want to release this album.”

Cross your fingers, and pray to whatever gods you hold dear, that this situation gets sorted and the world gets another Anata album asap!



In an interesting move, V.A.S.T. mastermind Jon Crosby has uploaded some “Work In Progress” versions of a number of new songs to the band’s website, which can be purchased with the click of a button. He’s also inviting fans to comment on them and give feedback. Take a look!



And finally, because every post needs some music to go with it, Persefone have released a video for the song “Mind as Universe” off their phenomenal album Spiritual Migration (one of the best of the year imho).

The band state:

We are happy to release our new video! This time the song is Mind as Universe and it’s a documentary video with live performances and some footage of our China tour in June 2013! We hope you like and enjoy it!!

Again we have worked with Álvaro Rodriguez Areny who has offered us all his effort to make this video happen. We want to really thank him and all his crew (Joao Pereira, Carla García y Marc Gallifa) and to the postproduction and edition team, Strange Minds Collective. You guys simply ROCK!

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  1. I didn’t realize VAST was still around, looks like I need to catch up on some of their discography. Maybe Anata could do a Kickstarter or something to self release? I might be over-estimating the size of their fan base.

  2. awesome, i can’t wait to hear some new stuff from Martriden!

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