May 292021


To improve your Saturday, and quite possibly your whole weekend, I’ve collected a baker’s dozen of new songs and videos (including a couple of previously hard-to-find tracks from forthcoming reissues).

I grouped these 13 offerings in ways that I thought made sense. As usual for these kinds of posts, I didn’t take time to track down and upload artwork or purchase links, and I decided to organize my meager introductory comments by the categories I’ve arranged. (Don’t punch me too hard because of the category labels I chose, because I do realize they’re not 100% accurate.)


The first two choices here were recommended by DGR, and the above label clearly applies to both. Andy Synn recommended the third one, and although most people wouldn’t categories Agrypnie as melodic death metal, I do think their new song fits well alongside the first two.

At the Gates‘ new album, The Nightmare of Being, will be released by Century Media on July 2nd. The new Nightrage album, Abyss Rising, will be discharged sometime this coming fall by Despotz Records. And Agrypnie’s new album, Metamorphosis, will be released on July 30th via AOP Records.





I can’t be faulted for this category label because there is indeed nothing that really unites the next three tracks, nor makes them suitable for inclusion in any other of today’s categories. It’s a mix of experimental grindcore, death metal, and stoner/sludge.

Cloud Rat‘s song is a new single that debuted yesterday on the Adult Swim channel. The song that’s the subject of the Hideous Divinity bass play-through video comes from the EP LV-426, which has been out since April 23rd (DGR’s commentary about it: “my god the bass tone is so gross in that song, just listen to that fucker rumble”). And the Bones of the Earth track appears on II. Eternal Meditations of a Deathless Crown, an album that was also released in April.





I also thought these three songs fit well together, particularly in the way the music progresses from one track to the next.

Praise the Plague‘s new album, The Obsidian Gate, will be out July 30th on Lifeforce Records (Andy Synn alerted me to the new song). Unique Leader released Mental Cruelty‘s new album A Hill To Die Upon yesterday (DGR made a comment to us about the song in the video, though I can’t tell whether he liked it or not). And Progeny of Sun‘s Dark Wanderer EP was also released yesterday by Inverse Records (I found this song on my own).





The next two songs really ARE old school death metal. The first one originally appeared on Delusion’s 1992 demo Autumn Dawn, and it’s now included in an album named Trapped Within Autumn Dawn which includes that demo and a compilation of the band’s other three releases, all of which date to the early- and mid-90s. The second song is the title track off Massachusetts-based Infestation’s 1994 demo, and (in remastered form) it’s now included in a compilation that includes that demo and a second one (1992’s Visions of Repulsion).

Both of these compilations are being released by Redefining Darkness Records (US) and Raw Skull Recordz (EU)





To send you on your way I picked two instrumental-only performances. I’ve included the music of both of these bands in previous round-ups. Antuco’s song is a new single that’s available for download here, and as usual is presented in a video that provides jaw-dropping vistas of the Chilean landscape.

The Trialogos piece will be included in their forthcoming Stroh zu Gold album, set for release on June 18. The band originally performed the song in collaboration with dancer Ellen Brix, and you can see the actual dance video here.


  1. “DGR made a comment to us about the song in the video, though I can’t tell whether he liked it or not”

    Man, I have jokingly had a section in my little review waitlist called ‘deathcore power hour” that has had this and two others in it for a few months now, you’d better believe how much Ive enjoyed that fucking burly, stupid shit that Mental Cruelty have kicked out here so far.

    • Love that new Mental Cruelty album, too. They’re from my hometown of Karlsruhe, too. Here recently the gyms reopened and I met their vocalist Lucca while lifting. Pretty fun guy 😀 he’s probably 3 times my weight and twice my height, but it’s cool talking to him

  2. Who the FUCK are Agrypnie?! Amazing stuff! Riffafterriffafterriff!

  3. Spellbinding Song Of Stormy Metallic Riffage!
    From Agrypnie Melodic Black Metal Maestros…

  4. Interesting. Agrypnie was great. But my mind looks to that Trialogos song. I wonder if it is actually about Hikikomori, because if it is, then it just wonderful and sort of perfectly captures the sense of isolation and self imposed exile from society that refers to the practice. The dance performance attached to it makes the case all the more stronger. fascinating stuff.

  5. Whoa-new At The Gates–that songs rocks. Love the guitar solo.
    Well I have finally discovered Agrypnie. I’d heard of them but for whatever reason overlooked them. I went back to the Synn report from 2012 and started there. Thanks again.
    That Antuco song was invigorating.
    Gotta check out further those 3 bands in the “Blackening” section. Not familiar with them either.

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