Mar 312015


This year’s edition of the METAL ALLIANCE TOUR features an eye-catching line-up: Deicide, Entombed A.D., Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate, and Svart Crown. And earlier today Deicide leaked the initial round of dates on their Facebook page (and thank you Vonlughlio for tipping us to this news). As Deicide wrote when they posted the schedule, “it’s still being booked so don’t get your freak on cause ya don’t see your town, more to come!”

I’ll pretend I’m interested in what other cities will be visited, though the truth is that since Seattle is already on the list I can now tune out any further announcements.

Here’s the first round of dates and places on the schedule:

Aug 112014

Collected in this post you will find news of three U.S. or North American tours. News about the first two is still somewhat incomplete, and I’m a bit late reporting on the third one. All three are enticing.


Last month news surfaced about a tour to be headlined by Deicide, named after their most recent album, In the Minds of Evil. Last night Inquisition posted an announcement on their Facebook page about the tour, which was interesting because when the tour was announced last month Marduk was named as one of the support bands, but now it appears that Marduk are out and Inquisition are in. In addition, Abysmal Dawn have been added to the line-up. Here’s the complete list of bands:


An updated official tour flyer hasn’t been released yet, so I decided to use a photo of an embryo of the short-tailed fruit bat (embryonic stage 19).

Inquisition also included an initial schedule of dates in their FB post, while noting that more dates will be added. Here’s the schedule so far:

Nov 012013

In the realm of metal, Halloween has become a big day for news and for the premiere of new music and videos. We had more than our average number of posts yesterday in an effort to keep up, but we still didn’t even come close. So to start this post-Halloween Friday, here are five new videos that premiered yesterday.

Because there’s so much to see and hear, I’ll be cutting back on my usual verbose introductions — literally — by largely eliminating the use of verbs. In the next post, we’ll present some new Halloween Day songs that debuted in non-video form.


The music: “In Blood — Devour This Sanctity”, a song inspired by “The Hungarian Dances” by Johannes Brahms. The album: Blood Magick Necromance (2011) (reviewed here). The video: filmed live at “Moskva Hall”, Moscow, October 6, 2013, plus assorted Belphegorian imagery.

Impressions: spine-tingling; heat lightning indoors; holy shit that drumming; satanic imperialism extends its reach; next album due May 2014, bring it!

Sep 302013

I haven’t attempted to compile a round-up of noteworthy findings in several days, so I’ve had to ruthlessly cut what interested me or this post would have been longer than a reticulated python. Even truncated, it’s as long as a boa constrictor. And everything in here is awfully bloodthirsty, right up until the final item.


Is that a fuckin’ brutal album cover up there or what? It’s the latest cover art by Eliran Kantor, who I watch like a hawk because he’s so damned good, and it graces the 11th album by Iced Earth, which is planned for release by Century Media in January 2014. With a grisly cover like that and song titles such as “Democide”, “Cthulhu”, and “Parasite”, in addition to the title track, this could be very interesting.

Speaking of brutal, how ’bout a new Deicide track?

Sep 242013

Well, we will indeed have a new Deicide album this year. Yesterday Century Media announced that In the Minds of Evil will be released on November 25, which is fitting since it was on that day in 1667 that a deadly earthquake rocked Shemakha in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.

Or maybe it’s because November 25 is the anniversary of The Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, which reached its peak intensity with winds gusting up to 120 mph and killed 9,000 people.

Or possibly it’s because of the earthquake on November 25, 1759, that destroyed Beirut and Damascus, killing 30,000-40,000.

No, wait! It must be because of the November 25 cyclone in 1839 that slammed India with high winds and a 40-foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa, taking with it 20,000 ships and the lives of about 300,000 people!

Actually, I don’t really know why the fuck they picked November 25. I do know what the album cover looks like, because that was revealed yesterday. It’s from a painting named “Power of the Mind”, rendered by Simon Cowell. (No, not that Simon Cowell, this one.) I also know the names of the songs, because Century Media reminded us of them yesterday as well.

Jul 302013

Here are a couple of items that caught my eye last night.


Word has escaped that Deicide will be headlining a U.S. tour this October, though to be honest, the supporting bands are the ones that have really peaked my interest: DisgorgeNecronomicon, and Broken Hope.

I’ve been a fan of Montreal’s Necronomicon for years, and their 2013 album Rise of the Elder Ones is quite good. San Diego’s Disgorge has occupied a storied place in the annals of brutal death metal, and they’re now at work on their first album in eight years, with a revised line-up (Angel Ochoa behind the mic and Diego Soria on bass). And speaking of revivals, Chicago’s Broken Hope will be delivering their first album in 14 years when Century Media releases Omen of Disease in the same month that this tour occurs.

In other words, there’s going to be a full slate of new metal from a group of veteran death metal carnivores, wholly without regard to whether Deicide manages to bring it hard at the top of the bill.

Feb 252012

If someone were to play a word association game with you and said “Deicide”, what would be the first word to pop into your head? Would it be “claymation”? Nah, I didn’t think so. For me, it would be “motherfucking”.  As in “MOTHERFUCKING DEICIDE!!”

But the game may change after you watch the band’s new video for “Conviction”, a song off Deicide’s 2011 album To Hell With God.

Jesus, where to start? Actually, we could start with Jesus, because he’s in the video. He’s not having a good day, because Glen Benton is on his tail, hell-bent on nailing him to a church door and then sending him straight to hell.

I guess Christians who aren’t familiar with Deicide will be offended by this, but it’s not exactly Benton’s first offense. I mean, the guy has branded an inverted cross on his forehead at least 12 different times and 20+ years ago he wrote a song called “Crucifixation”, the first line of which was “Give praise to Satan, he has won.” And that was only the beginning. The damnation of Christ has been a constant Deicide drumbeat for two decades. But now we get the message in claymation. I gotta admit, I didn’t see that coming.

I guess I won’t be surprised if the video causes fresh uproar among people who take Deicide’s schtick seriously, even when a video like this makes it even harder to do that. Maybe after 20+ years, the by-now calculated sensationalism still works. We’ll see.

Don’t get me wrong — the music is still badass, and I am still going to see Deicide when they play here in March with Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne, and Super Happy Story Time Land. I just don’t get the urge to do a fist-pump when I watch this video. The urge I feel . . . is to giggle. The video is after the jump.

Dec 172011

So, this new Metal Injection-conceived web page called Tom Araya Scream has been making the rounds of the interhole since it appeared yesterday. It’s a clever idea, and if Slayer is, like, still your favoritest metal band ever, dude, SLAAAAAAAYER!!!! (while throwing two-handed horns), then you’ll probably be punching this button on your smartphone all weekend to get a few seconds of Tom Araya’s tinny scream.

However, if you’re to the point in your metal-listening life (as I am) when this scream has begun to sound sort of . . . what’s the word? . . . anemic? . . .  by comparison to the kind of really ugly, vicious, bile-vomiting screams and roars you really enjoy, then Tom Araya Scream is more useful as a template for something . . . better.  And no, I’m not talking about Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford.

Like, how about Lord Worm Scream . . . such as the vein-exploder that starts at about the 3:45 mark of Cryptopsy’s classic “Open Face Surgery”?  (after the jump)

Dec 122011

(The time has come.  What time is that?  Why, it’s the time when we begin publishing our own series on the best metal of 2011 — lists created by our writers, guest contributors, and members of metal bands who we’ve specially invited to share with us their lists.  And what better way to start than by turning to Phro for the kick-off?)

Ahhh . . . 2011, how quickly you came and . . . went?  Are going?  Let’s just stick with came for now.

What a year it has been!  I think.  I don’t really remember it.  I think there was something to do with tentacles and a few zombie girls.  Seriously, someone please make the whole zombie/vampire/werewolf thing stop happening.  Please.  I’m begging you.  I can only take so much pithy teen angst foisted upon poor hapless creatures of the night.  GIVE THEM BACK THEIR BALLS, DAMNIT!!!

Seriously.  And wizards, too.  Enough of that shit.

Oh, right, and there was music, too.  Particularly metal music.  Particularly good metal music.  (Anyone who ever utters the words, “It’s been a bad year for metal,” should go out behind the chicken chopping shed and punch themselves in the throat with a rooster.  You fucking lazy scum fucker.)  But it`s the end of the year, and it’s not enough to simply say there was a lot of it.  You people from the Internet want proof all of the sudden!  You freaks with your memes and your porn and your meme porn and your porn memes.  And your rules!!!  So many rules!  Well, I have a new rule for you.  Rule number 0.5.  It states, quite clearly: anything that can be made into furry-rape-scat porn should be made into furry-rape-scat porn and then broadcasted on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC until foxes look sexy.  (But only when they`re covered in poop.)

Poop, poop, poop, poop . . . poop . . . poooooooooooooop . . .

Aug 142011

Just catching up on news here. But I’ll throw in some new music I heard this morning, too. The bands featured in this post: Thy Catafalque (again), GireThreat Signal, SolaceRedScream, and Deicide.


Just a few days ago, we posted a short feature that included this two-person band named Thy Catalfalque as a result of my first serious effort to get into their music — and man, have I gotten into it. I get more out of it the more I listen, like peeling back the proverbial onion, except without the watering eyes. To my good fortune, this led to a few e-mail exchanges with the band’s principle creative force, Tamás Kátai.

To date, Thy Catafalque have produced four albums and a demo, with a new album to be released in the future by Season of Mist. The last two albums (the ones I’ve been listening to) were released by Epidemie Records and have become a bit hard to find, at least if you want physical copies, though Epidemie will be re-releasing Róka Hasa Rádió on November 30, but this time in a jewel-case edition with an 8-page booklet (versus the original, nearly sold-out digipack version).

Thy Catafalque isn’t Tamás Kátai’s only musical project. He also handles keyboards, programming, lyrics, and more for another long-running Hungarian band called Gire, who have six demos to their credit plus a 2007 self-titled debut album (which features that eye-catching album cover above). The Gire debut album is also hard to find, but Tamás helpfully pointed out that it can be downloaded from this location — so, of course, I did that.

I’ve only just started listening, and I have a feeling that, as on the albums from Thy Catafalque, no one song on this album is going to tell you very much about the rest of them. But of the tracks I’ve heard so far,this is a mixture of eviscerating death metal, catastrophic sludge, industrial red-lining, and meteoric, experimental guitar extravaganza. I’m deadly serious. This is a stupendous head-check. (more after the jump . . . .)

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