Jan 092017


Today Maze Of Sothoth come blasting out of the north of Italy with the release of their debut album Soul Demise, and today we trigger the detonation with a premiere stream of all 10 songs.

We’ve already premiered one furious, utterly morbid track (“Seed of Hatred”) and followed that with a review of Soul Demise, in which our writer TheMadIsraeli praised the album as embracing “the most timeless of death metal’s elements combined with a refinement of its greatest decade”, challenging “modern death metal’s gratuitous excess” by defying its “excessive musical ornamentation”, and confounding expectations by upending “humanity’s innate need to find or maintain order”. It is, in his summation, “a powerful and vicious death metal record”.

Jan 052017



(TheMadIsraeli reviews the new album by Maze of Sothoth from Italy, which is set for release by Everlasting Spew on January 9.)

Maze Of Sothoth are a staggeringly difficult band to quantify. The Lovecraftian theme certainly points to a band who might enjoy the eldritch, ambiguous, and alien, but whereas extreme metal bands generally attempt to capture all this through sound gimmicks, melodic dispositions, or atmospheric songwriting, Maze Of Sothoth bring forth a style of technical/brutal death metal that tackles that sub-genre from an almost de-constructionist, absurdist, and reductionist point of view.

Soul Demise is rooted in what is still death metal’s best period (in my opinion), which was the ’90s boom that produced a perfect blend of technicality, brutality, and songwriting — they exhibit all the best qualities of this period. In the tradition of that period, Maze Of Sothoth’s sound is also really unique owing to that reductionist perspective.

Nov 092016



Metal is mood music. Perhaps like all forms of music, you can use it either to suit the mood you’re in or to change your mood. But it can do either thing in ways more powerful and effective than most other forms of music. Take this next song for example.

What we have here is a track called “Seed of Hatred” by the Italian death metal band Maze of Sothoth. It’s from their debut album Soul Demise, which will be released by Everlasting Spew on January 9, 2017. If you’re current mood is vile, enraged, boiling with hate, and/or teetering on the brink of a violent outburst, “Seed of Hatred” will fit your mood like a fine Italian glove fits your hand — even when it’s curled into a fist.

And if you happen to be in a despondent funk, and want to find some vibrant energy that will shake you out of your gloom, the song can do that, too.

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