Sep 172021


In part because the deluge of metal has continued unabated this week, and in part because I had a little more time than usual to keep track of what was coming out, I prepared a truly massive round-up of new songs and videos. To make it possible for me to recommend as much as I can, I’ve again resorted to this stripped-down format, choking down my usual verbosity and not taking time to grab all the artwork.

I’ve again alphabetized my giant list by band name and divided it into segments. I’ll get as far as I can with these segments today, and then pick up the rollout tomorrow. In Part 1 I only made it to “C”.

AEON (Sweden)

We begin with a video, and a sorrowful stroll through a cemetery which becomes a harrowing tale told partially in reverse, a tale that increasingly becomes supernatural and horrifying. The explosive and ferocious music is even more intensely harrowing. Prepare to have all your nerve endings ignited, and to chant: GOD ENDS HERE! Continue reading »

Aug 192021


I thought I could get this round-up finished in time to post it yesterday when most of these songs and videos were hot off the presses, but I got diverted by my day job. But day-old bread is still pretty good bread. (We don’t have any rule against mixing metaphors here.)

AEON (Sweden)

To begin, we worship in the “Church of Horror“, the first song from the first album by Aeon in nine years. It’s a fast one, with a blazing blizzard of jittery riffing and skull-assaulting drums providing the accompaniment to guttural fury directed against pedophile priests and the church that’s sheltered them. Bits of dismal melody and jolting slamtastic groove play a role in this outraged musical tirade, along with a queasy and maniacally quivering solo. If your ass is dragging, this will fix that for you. Continue reading »

Nov 112014


Just minutes ago, Poland’s Behemoth posted an announcement on their Facebook page that they will be co-headlining a North American tour this winter with Cannibal Corpse, with support from Aeon and Tribulation from Sweden. The tour starts on January 28 in New Orleans and concludes on March 7 in Ft. Lauderdale. It includes six Canadian dates as well as stops in 21 U.S. states.

You will be delighted to know that the tour stops in Seattle, because whatever makes me happy necessarily makes you happy.

What a fucking pleasant way to begin the new year. General admission tickets go on sale this Friday and VIP tickets are on sale now — here. The full schedule of dates is as follows: Continue reading »

Nov 262012

In this day and age there’s not much you can do to a shot of undiluted death metal without turning it into a different kind of cocktail. But if you’re going to consume it straight up, there are big differences between the premium brands and the cheap stuff that’s kept under the bar at your local corner of Hell. Aeons Black, the new fourth album by Sweden’s Aeon, is the top-shelf stuff, and worth every penny. And you don’t get cheated on the pour either: the album is a 15-track monster with a 51-minute run time.

Aeons Black is not only premium face-melting death metal, it’s also one of the top 5 death metal albums of the year. You know I hate making lists, so I don’t know what the other four albums are. I just can’t imagine that more than four would be in this league.

Aeon are often compared to the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Deicide, and they prove once again on the new album that they can indeed hold their own with those titans of Floridian death metal, while incorporating the blazing fretwork of Suffocation as well. The riffs on high-speed numbers such as “Still They Pray” and “Nothing Left To Destroy”, which make up the majority of the songs, are absolutely blistering. And they’re matched by the furious drumming of Arttu Malkki, who has returned to the band after an absence that began after Aeon’s 2001 debut EP Dark Order.

But even the album’s most superheated songs are not simply open-wide flamethrowers spewing hellfire. They’re marked by big, hook-filled, piston-driven rhythms that hammer and pummel and blast like big, heavy-caliber weaponry. If you can’t get a powerful head-slam going while listening to this album, you need to check into a nursing home. Continue reading »

Nov 192012


This is just a quick note to let you know that four albums are now streaming in full at various locations around the interhole. All four of them are definitely worth checking out.


Incantation’s ninth album, Vanquish in Vengeance, will be released on November 27 by Listenable Records. It’s their first album since Primordial Domination was released in 2006. It was mixed and mastered Dan Swanö at Unisound. It sounds vicious. It’s streaming exclusively at DECIBEL’s online site, which you can find via this link.


We featured these French marauders not long ago. Their new album, Jacob’s Ladder, is due for release on November 20 via Season of Mist. Today, Brooklyn Vegan began streaming the album in full.  It can be ordered here now. It’s really good. The SoundCloud player at Brooklyn vegan is also embeddable, and so you can check it out here right after the jump. Continue reading »

Oct 232012

I found many new metallic abominations to like over the last 24 hours, too many to shoehorn into a single post. So I’ll make a start with this batch of sharp spiky European offerings from Aeon (Sweden), Tardive Dyskinesia (Greece), and Zubrowska (France). Don’t touch, now, or you may draw back a bleeding stump.


Still loving the fantastic album art up above, by  Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin. It’s for Aeons Black, the fourth album from Sweden’s Aeon, which Metal Blade will release on Nov 19 in Europe and Nov 20 everywhere else. As previously reported, the title track is available for free download here. You can also catch an official lyric video for the same song at the end of KevinP’s recent NCS interview of the band’s founding guitarist Zeb Nilsson at this location.

Today’s news is that another song from Aeons Black premiered today. It’s streaming at Metal Hammer’s web site. The song is the album’s first track, “Still They Pray”. It’s lacerating, the kind of death metal that leaves skin in tatters. Go here to listen, and then come back and thank us for pointing you in that direction. Continue reading »

Oct 082012

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sweden’s Aeon are set to detonate their latest album Aeons Black via Metal Blade Records on November 20, 2012. The 15-track opus was recorded at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden and was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Garageland Studios). It features cover art by the legendary Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin. And it’s available for pre-order here. To say it’s highly anticipated around this place would be an understatement.

Today, we’re fortunate that our guest contributor KevinP has brought us an interview with the band’s founding guitarist Sebastian “Zeb” Nillson. And at the end of the interview, catch the new lyric video for the title track to Aeons Black.


KP: So what’s behind the title to your new album, Aeons Black?  Is this your ode to Metallica? (smiles)

ZN: (Laughs) At first you could believe it would be. But the title track´s lyrics are all about the end of the world. When the sun has been burnt out and nothing can save you.  So for me it would make more sense to have the title Black Aeons since that is what you can expect after the sun has burned out. But I guess Tommy [Dahlström] just wanted to give it a little twist.


The title track (released for the world to hear), is one of the consistently slower songs you have ever recorded.  How did that come about ?

Hmmm…I´m not really sure. Our last album did lack heavy songs IMO, so I tried to actually make songs that were HEAVIER and did not have blastbeats in them this time. And I feel much more happy with it now. It´s much more varied.  But we still have fast songs as well.

Some people have asked us “is that cause Arttu [Malkki] can’t play fast like Nils [Fjellström]“? But if he couldn´t play fast, that would mean that he couldn´t play our old songs live and he would never been given the job as drummer of Aeon.  We always play “Forever Nailed”, “Kill Them All”, and “Forgiveness Denied” live, and unless you can perform them as a drummer, you simply won’t fit the bill.  So to get to the point somehow….we just wanted to have more heavy shit this time! Continue reading »

Sep 242012

This is another daily collection of things I saw and heard this morning that I thought were worth sharing. It’s heavy on the death metal, because the death metal is heavy on me.


This is a big Goatwhore day. First, I saw the news that Goatwhore will be touring the U.S. and Canada with High On Fire and Lo-Pan. The tour begins on Nov. 15 in Austin and concludes on Dec. 22 in San Francisco. On selected stops, Primate (featuring Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp) and Corrosion of Conformity will also be performing.

This should be an ass-mauling, face-lacerating show. I’m happy that it’s stopping in Seattle, because it’s important to be happy for yourself in order to be happy for other people, or so I tell myself whenever I see stupendous tours that stop in Seattle but may not stop where you live. The full schedule is after the jump.

I also saw that Goatwhore have today premiered a new official lyric video for “Death To the Architects of Heaven”, a killer song from their 2012 album, Blood For the Master. You can watch that after the jump, too. Continue reading »

Jan 022011

January 1 is a slow day for most people, a day spent sleeping in and recovering from the excesses of New Year’s Eve, a day when many Americans plant their super-sized asses on the couch and watch college football bowl games, a day when normally active human beings become human slugs.

But that was yesterday. Today, most people have got to begin mentally gearing up for the resumption of the shitstorm known as the work week. Yes, for those of us who are students or working stiffs, January 3 means the holidays are over and the usual daily grind begins again (and we’re not talking about Brutal Truth).

So, to help you begin clearing out the mental cobwebs and awaken from the foglike after-effects of your revels and reveries, we’ve got three videos for you. These babies will wake you the fuck up. They’re the musical equivalent of detonating a couple canisters of napalm in your head and just letting all that jellied gasoline burn until it has vaporized what’s left of your brain and left only oily soot behind, which will serve as good fertilizer for new oily, blackened tendril growth that will help you bob and weave with agility when the shit starts flying tomorrow. Sounds fun, huh?

After the jump . . . videos from Demonical, Aeon, and Son of Aurelius. Continue reading »

May 282010

A few days ago, we started a post by saying, “Sometimes when we listen to metal, we just want to get mentally pulverized.” If you never feel that way, well, please go on about your business and come back tomorrow when we’ll probably be writing about something else.

But today, we’re in that mental-pulverization mood. And in case you’re also in the mood to have your brains scrambled, have we found the right short-order cooks for you: Aeon and Exhale. Coincidentally, both bands are from Sweden. They each employ different techniques on the grill, but their new albums both get the job done in masterful fashion.


With a few of the inevitable line-up changes, Aeon (pictured above) has been playing for more than a decade, and Path of Fire (released on Metal Blade) is their third full-length album and the first since 2007. The album was mixed by Erik Rutan and mastered by the ubiquitous Alan Douches.

The name of the game is technical death metal, and it’s as sweet as it is punishing. With few exceptions, the songs depend on low-end, driving riffs and hammering double-kicks that put us in mind of an inexorably charging train, scattering sparks and belching smoke. The picking is fast and dynamic, yet there’s no flash-for-the-sake-of-flash going on here — each song is built around a defined rhythmic structure designed to burrow heavy grooves into your skull.  (more after the jump, including songs to stream . . .) Continue reading »