Dec 062022

Last spring we had the fiendish pleasure of premiering a song from Triptych, the startling new album by Dischordia, which is out now on Transcending Obscurity Records. As we discovered then, and as the label accurately reported in its PR materials, this Oklahoma City crew’s latest full-length is a bone-smashing, mind-boggling hybrid of technical and brutal death metal with a healthy flavoring of dissonance and an impressive degree of adventurousness that matches the virtuosity of the performances.

As we’ve written before, the sound quality of the music is itself very interesting. The guitars have a mangling, mauling, and detonating quality that’s dense, heavy, and brutally distorted, and yet the obliterating drums and the mercurial bass come through vividly, as do the bizarre and often unearthly lead-guitar machinations and the wild howling and roaring vocals.

Moreover, the music is packed with stops and starts, twists and turns, and sudden variations in tempo, and this sonic balance makes it possible to pick out and appreciate even more what’s happening — while still feeling like you’re being scathed and steamrolled into submission.

Many of you have already discovered the disconcerting wonders of Triptych, but you’ll still enjoy and appreciate the full-band playthrough video we’re about to premiere, and for those of you who haven’t been exposed to the album, this should provide a jaw-dropping introduction. Continue reading »

Mar 022022


Transcending Obscurity Records does an exceptionally good job spreading the word about its releases to metal fans and the music press. In the case of the new Dischordia album Triptych, for example, four songs have already premiered ai different locations, and the release date is still almost two months away.

Today we’re adding to the word-spreading by presenting a fifth track premiere. There’s still some chance that a few of you haven’t paid attention to the new album, and even for those of you who have, in our humble opinion “Bodies of Ash” is one of the album’s many highlights. So here we are…. Continue reading »

May 092018


On June 15th the Oklahoma City progressive death metal band Dischordia will release a new two-track EP inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy, the title of which combines the names of the two songs: Binge/Purge. Each song is a long one; the two together provide just over 24 minutes of explosive and bewildering sound. The decision has been made to preview the music through excerpts of the music rather than through complete track streams, and today it’s our genuine pleasure to bring you the opening four minutes and nineteen seconds of the EP’s first track, “Binge“.

Dischordia’s last release, the Thanatopsis full-length in 2016, caught us a bit by surprise. As our own Andy Synn wrote in his review of the album: “With a sound reminiscent of both the old (Spheres-era Pestilence and Obscura-period Gorguts), and the new (Decapitated, Meshuggah) schools of Death Metal, the nine tracks which make up Thanatopsis find the band flexing both their mental and physical muscles more than ever before, while also curtailing some of the unfocussed ambition of their previous album and redirecting it down a darker and more progressive pathway”

Andy also proclaimed the album “undoubtedly just that much more ambitious – both in scope and in execution – and that much more vicious, than 90% of everything else that you’re likely to have encountered this year”. Little did we know that Dischordia’s ambitions and musical progressions weren’t anywhere close to being exhausted with that album. Binge/Purge takes what the band accomplished on Thanatopsis and pushes it to an even higher and wilder level. Continue reading »

Jan 232017


This will be one of those Mondays when I’m afraid we’ll be doing our best to drown you in music, beginning with this large collection of new discoveries (which includes one item from Austin Weber along with my own picks).

I thought about titling this post “Galloping Madness!” Everything in here flies, but in particular there’s a heavy thrash influence in a lot of the music at the start and the finish, with some brain scramblers sandwiched in the middle. But as you’ll discover, the thrash influence manifests itself in very different ways.


The first item is a video for “Silhouettes”, from the new album Woe to the Vanquished by California’s Warbringer. This is their fifth full-length, and it’s slated for a March 31 release through Napalm Records.

“Silhouettes” premiered at DECIBEL last week, where vocalist John Kevill gave this explanation about the song: Continue reading »

Dec 022016



(Here’s Andy Synn’s review of the new album by Dischordia from Oklahoma City.)

As I’m currently sifting through all the various releases from this year’s crop, in preparation for my annual list-stravaganza, I’ve been able to pick out a few trends and patterns which have developed over the last twelve months.

One in particular has stood out – just how much good Death Metal, both from established names and underground upstarts, that’s been released in 2016.

And that includes Thanatopsis, the second album by Oklahoma triumvirate Dischordia. Continue reading »

Oct 172011

Here’s the second part of a post I started earlier today featuring a divergent assortment of new music and videos I heard and saw over the weekend. In Part 2, I’ve got a new song (and video) from Eryn Non Dae. (France), a recent live video from Iskald (Norway), and a new song from Dischordia (U.S.-Oklahoma).


In 2010, we published no fewer than four posts about this band from Toulouse, France. Those posts included a review of the band’s 2009 album Hydra Lernaïa, an interview with the band, and two updates that included videos of live performances. The last post, from June 2010, includes links to all the others. And then we’ve posted about them twice this year (here) and (here). Do you think we’re overdoing it? Obviously, I don’t think so. I think they’re worth all the attention, and then some. They’re one of the growing number of bands from France who have put that country on the worldwide map of great current metal.

The cause for today’s attention is a new song (yippee!) from a new album (ki-yay-motherfucker!) that’s in the works and planned for release next year. The song is called “Scarlet Rising”, and the band was caught on film performing it at the Impetus festival in Montbéliard, France this past April. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »