Sep 052012

The two items in this post both appeared this morning. I thought their near-simultaneous appearance was ominous, as if constituting a kind of queasiness-inducing evidence that there really are Great Old Ones in the Earth, and they are beginning to rouse themselves from their slumbers.

Both Anaal Nathrakh and Dragged Into Sunlight are from the UK, they are both favorites of this site, and they both create brilliant, hellish, obliterating music — though not of the same kind. As I wrote the last time we paired news from these bands together, “Anaal Nathrakh give you a nightmarish rocket-ride into the abyss, and Dragged Into Sunlight trap you there in a vat of acid sludge that slowly liquifies your flesh.” Here’s the latest news from both bands:


As we reported four days ago (here), Candlelight Records will be releasing Anaal Nathrakh’s new album on October 15. Its name is Vanitas, and for that earlier post we even managed to find a small image of the album cover (which has now “officially” surfaced on the band’s Facebook page).

As of this morning we now have a teaser clip of music from the album. It’s harrowing stuff (and we would expect nothing less) — a catastrophic blast of infernal grind that sounds terrifically pissed off; the vocals are intense, even by Dave Hunt’s previous standards. Check it out next: Continue reading »

Jun 172012

May infernal blessings be upon the head of (((unartig))).

Near the end of their recent U.S. tour, the UK’s Dragged Into Sunlight performed a live set at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York, on June 14, 2012. (((unartig))) was there and did his usual fantastic job filming and recording the sights and sounds of this live ritual.

DIS didn’t come close enough to Seattle for me to see them, but this just-released video of the band performing “I, Aurora” from Hatred For Mankind (2009) gives me a sense of what I missed. Amazing song, awesome video. The obliteration of souls into black shards, with rhythm. The boiling of human meat into a slew of suppurating sludge, with flair. Dragged into darkness by your hair and teeth, and willingly.

Summon up your strength and watch “I, Aurora” after the jump. Continue reading »

Apr 292012

It’s only a coincidence. My rational mind knows that. But the still-superstitious part of me worries that there’s a chance, maybe only a 1% chance, that the appearance on the same afternoon of new videos of Mitochondrion and Dragged Into Sunlight is a sign that Cthulhu is commanding me across the dimensional membrane to write this post. And if there’s even a 1% chance of waking up tomorrow with all my orifices gorged with tentacles greedily sucking out my nutrients, I think I’m gonna play it safe.

Besides, I love these two bands. Or maybe I fear them. Maybe I love my fear. They both create apocalyptic atmospheres  – dark, anti-human, scourging.

Mitochondrion plays ritualistic war metal. In one of my previous posts about them this year (here), they were looking ahead to a show with the powerful Antediluvian on April 28 — last night — in Vancouver. Turns out they played a new song at that show, a song called “Insummation”, being played in public for the first time. There’s a video of it after the jump. The visual quality is decent, but the audio quality isn’t great. Still, it captures the brutalizing insanity of the song.

Dragged Into Sunlight played a show last night, too — at the SWR Metalfest in Barroselas, Portugal. The line-up for that festival was amazing, headlined by Immortal. Two videos have surfaced of the DIS performance. The sound quality is better than the Mitochondrion vid. Looks like DIS is still playing mostly with their backs turned  to the audience. The music is still ear-wrecking and flesh-rending. Continue reading »

Apr 102012

Well, hot fucking shit. It was less than a week ago when we reported the latest news about the UK’s Dragged Into Sunlight, and now look at this juicy (and somewhat frightening) piece of news that just popped into my e-mail inbox this afternoon (and then proceeded to dissolve the whole thing in a pool of acid):

Dragged Into Sunlight will be touring the U.S. this summer, beginning with an appearance at The Maryland Deathfest on May 26. On the front half of the tour, they’ll be joined by Cough and on the back half they’ll be touring with Wolvhammer.

By all accounts, this band puts on a cataclysmic live show. Certainly, their recorded music is a soul-sucking morass of depravity and despair, and of course I love it. There’s only one eensie weensie itty bitty tiny little problem: The closest they’re getting to the Pacific Northwest is motherfuckin’ Arkansas!!!

Now THAT is soul-sucking, and not in a good way. Dudes, are you really going back to the UK with nothing but stories about the Ozarks, when you could be describing the majesty of the Cascades and the shitty bathrooms at Studio Seven or El Corazon? Say it ain’t so!

I’m gonna go stick my head in the oven and turn on the gas. The rest of you can see all the tour dates after the jump.    Shit. Continue reading »

Dec 152011

(We started this year with a review of Prosthetic Records’ re-release of an album called Hatred For Mankind by an ominously mysterious UK band called Dragged Into Sunlight. It remains a particularly harrowing but remarkable listening experience. We followed that in September by hosting the band’s horrific music video for the song “Buried With Leeches”, which YouTube had removed months earlier. Naturally, I was curious about what kind of year-end album list might come from this band, so I invited “T” from DIS to give us his list — and he did. This is it, with T’s brief notes about each album.)

Fuck man, so many good records. I just finished listening to every band listed below beginning to end. It is now dark.

1. RwakeRest

Crushing, riff worship. Genius.

Continue reading »

Sep 162011

In January 2011, Prosthetic Records re-released the debut album (Hatred For Mankind) by the UK’s Dragged Into Sunlight, which had previously seen only limited distribution through Mordgrimm Records. I reviewed it not long after, calling it “a cataclysmic, corrosive, chaotic, cathartic, crushing cavalcade of cacophony” and “one of the most disturbingly brilliant albums” I’d ever heard:

“Whether droning and discordant or voracious and seething, the songs are inventively designed to create an atmosphere of soul-rending despair and to generate the kind of adrenaline surge brought on by the threat of imminent destruction. Listening is like being caught in the roaring squall of a hurricane, realizing too late that you can’t ride it out like you stupidly thought you could: It’s the end of your world, in a maelstrom of overwhelming sound.”

When I wrote the review, I had planned to include along with it an embed of the band’s official video for the song “Buried With Leeches”, which was then streaming on YouTube. I thought the video complemented the cold, inhuman music, perhaps even completed it. On the other hand, the imagery was horrific, gruesome, and utterly hopeless (not unlike the music). But before I could post the review, YouTube removed the video because it violated the company’s policy on “nudity or sexual content” — which was absurd. Yes, there were momentary images of a penis in the video, but there was nothing erotic or pornographic about it. Instead, the images displayed the humiliating horror of a man being degraded and tortured in agony, stripped of his dignity as well as his clothing.

I thought for sure the video would surface again someplace, but it hasn’t, at least not that I’ve found. Every web site that had been streaming the thing was just using an embed of the YouTube clip, and so when YouTube removed it, it disappeared from everyplace else on the web and hasn’t been replaced. I was listening to Hatred For Mankind recently, and although I’ve never hosted a video here at NCS before, I decided to ask Dragged Into Sunlight if I could do that — to give the video a new home — if I could figure out how to do it. They agreed. I did figure it out. And now you and everyone else in the world can stream it again, after the jump. Continue reading »

Jan 292011

Last year, Prosthetic Records made its first signing of a UK band — a mysterious foursome called Dragged Into Sunlight — and last week the label reissued the band’s debut album, Hatred For Mankind, which was originally released in more limited distribution more than a year ago by Mordgrimm Records (Anaal Nathrakh, Covenant).

The album, was produced by Tom Dring and Billy Anderson — who has also produced groundbreaking albums by Eyehategod, Neurosis, Melvins, Weedeater and many more — and it features the striking cover art of Justin Bartlett (shown above, with the CD booklet unfolded to show the front and back as a single piece).

Now, you wouldn’t be visiting this site if you didn’t have a taste for extremity in your metal, but even so, we may be pushing the envelope for many of you by promoting this music. Listening to it is a harrowing but remarkable experience. It’s a cataclysmic, corrosive, chaotic, cathartic, crushing cavalcade of cacophony. It’s one of the most disturbingly brilliant albums we’ve ever heard. 

And there’s a weird footnote to this story, which involves YouTube banning the band’s one official video yesterday, not because it’s extremely disturbing (which it is) but because — blasphemy of blasphemies — it shows a penis. (more after the jump, including a song that will gut you like a fish . . .) Continue reading »