Apr 302012

May 8 is the official North American release date for the fantastic new album by Gorod, A Perfect Absolution. Our man groverXIII reviewed that album for NCS here, calling it “the best tech-death album of a year that’s been very, very good for tech-death.”

And because groverXIII is a full-service blogger, he also promptly alerted us to the fact that about an hour ago Gorod released an official video for “The Axe of God”, a song that features Michael Keene of The Faceless on the song’s second guitar solo.

The video is basically performance footage shot from different angles. The song comes close to epitomizing what makes Gorod special in the world of tech death: As grover noted in his review, they have a knack for writing and performing songs that are both amazingly intricate and amazingly catchy, with memorable melodies. Check out “The Axe of God” after the jump. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

What the fuck is it with this metal cruise phenomenon? First there was 70,000 Tons of Metal. Then came the Barge To Hell. And now we have the 2012 Mayhem Festival Cruise, as announced by a just-released video trailer.

NCS reader, heartless commentator, and sometimes writer KevinP has been riding my ass mercilessly about signing up for the Barge To Hell, especially since I foamed at the mouth about the line-up in this post. I’ve been sorely tempted, restrained only by the need to figure out how to explain to my non-metalhead wife that I plan to desert her for a week of partying on the Caribbean with a bunch of loose women and KevinP.

But now, things have gotten even more complicated: The Barge To Hell is scheduled to return to port in Miami on December 7, and December 7 is when the Mayhem Festival Cruise departs Miami. Maybe the timing would work out so’s I could stagger off one ship and stagger right onto the next one for another 4 days of getting massively fucked up by metal and alcohol, and being molested by more loose women!

It’s damned tempting, because Gojira is the headliner.

Actually, they’re not being billed as the main attraction — though they should be. Instead, the main attractions are Lamb of God, Machine Head, Anthrax, Hatebreed, Suicide Silence, and Kingdom of Sorrow. There are other bands, too, though to be brutally honest, which is the only kind of honest we know how to be at NCS, I’m mainly interested in Gojira and Battlecross. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

(DGR unveils for us a new song by The Stranded off their debut album Survivalism Boulevard, which will be released on July 2.)

Holy crap, I thought I was going to have children before The Stranded finally released their first sample of material. Now all I have to look forward to enjoying for the first time, alongside my by-then high school aged son, is Gojira’s Sea Shepherd EP.

Today the guys in The Stranded (well, late last night, but I’ve bitched plenty about my various night shifts) put up a notification that they had uploaded their first official release off their upcoming disc to soundcloud.  It’s been a long time coming, and if you haven’t exactly been paying the most attention to the ramblings that I submit to this site, this is likely your first chance to hear The Stranded.

Prior to this, you could’ve heard some of the Disarmonia Mundi + Friends (skateboarder Elliot Sloan and keyboardist Alessio NeroArgento) as they covered different Studio Ghibli movie theme songs on the latest Imaginary Flying Machines disc. Of course, as I said in my review there, the material on that disc likely wasn’t going to be representative of what The Stranded would eventually sound like. Hell, their current logo barely signals that either — it looks like it fell off the front of a deathcore disc. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

Growth. That’s one thing we metal elitists like to see in a band’s evolution. Tennessee’s Whitechapel is definitely growing, and I don’t just mean in popularity. Today, Metal Blade unveiled the cover to Whitechapel’s new album (above), which is self-titled, as well as the track list. They also began streaming a new song from the album called “Hate Creation”.

I saw Whitechapel on their first U.S. tour, when they were an unknown bunch of deathcore upstarts. They had staying power. They amassed a big following and they helped spawn a wave of imitators. Some of those early deathcore progenitors have gotten stuck in a rut. Others have moved on in different directions, perhaps most prominently Job For A Cowboy, who have evolved into a solid death metal band. “Hate Creation” is evidence that Whitechapel is following a similar path.

I certainly wouldn’t claim that Whitechapel has completely left behind the defining tropes of deathcore, but “Hate Creation” is definitely another step along the road toward death metal mecca, and it’s one of the best songs they’ve yet created.

It hits like a phalanx of artillery in full bombardment mode, with explosive blasts that sound like they might be announcing breakdowns, except the pacing doesn’t really drop. The dynamics of the song are enhanced by stuttering, slightly off-kilter rhythms, speed and increased complexity in the riffing, and variations in the intensity of the onslaught, plus there’s a muted melody that I think will catch the song in people’s heads. And Phil Bozeman’s vocals are suitably violent and raw.

Give the song a shot after the jump, and past that we’ll give you more details about the album and about the band’s forthcoming tour. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

In this post, I have a few videos to start off your school-week, work-week, looking-for-work-week, or completely-fucking-off-week with a bout of headbanging. Because nothing sweetens up schooling, working, fruitlessly job-hunting, or fucking off like headbanging, am I right?  Yes, I am right.

Brazil’s Krisiun is currently finishing up a U.S. tour with Sepultura and Death Angel (the remaining dates are here). On April 15, they played Englewood, Colorado, and Superskum filmed a big chunk of the set. After the jump, I’ve embedded three of the song performances: “The Will To Potency”, “Ravager”, and “Combustion Inferno”. The video and sound quality are very good, and the music is pure spinal trauma.

In February I reviewed the 2011 album by Portland’s Elitist, Fear In A Handful of Dust. Among other words, I penned this immortal line: “Heavy fuzz, slamming or massively groaning chords, beefy bass, tremolo needling, and psychedelic swarming: these are among the implements of a wrecking machine that’s utterly heartless and wholly engulfing.” Today the band uploaded a video of their performance in Portland on April 28. The video includes two songs, “Tower of Meth” and “A Howling Wind”.

The video was filmed by Nick Gattman, and he did a helluva job. The band played this set on the floor of the venue, with no breathing room between them and the tightly packed crowd, and the camera viewpoint makes you feel like you’re right there in the middle of it. I love it when a band play on the floor, though I don’t get to see that happen much. Doesn’t take much for a vocalist to be consumed by a mosh pit, as happens in this video. It also exposes the band to loving caresses from audience members, which also seems to be happening in this video. But there’s no love in the music . . . it’s a mix of doomed, corrosive sludge and rancid death-grind blasting. Much fun to watch . . . after the jump. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

(BadWolf brings us another installment of the series he started here.)

Murder by Death have one of the best band names I have ever heard—even if it was stolen from a movie, it’s grim, funny, instantly recognizable, and incredibly catchy. In ways, though, it’s misleading—one might expect Murder by Death to be some sort of goofy gore-death band, a Cannibal Corpse ripoff. Not at all—but the music is grim and heavy.  Murder by Death are one of my all-time favorite not-metal bands, mostly because of their one absolutely perfect album: Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left of Them. [WWS here out] Props to my folk-punk compadre Dan for turning me on to this band!

Murder by Death play morbid, cinematic rock mixed with noisy post-hardcore plus a folk-and-country edge—think a little bit of The Eagles, a little Modest Mouse, a little bit of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and a buttload of Nick Cave. Their music stands as almost completely unique—especially at this stage in their career—and twists into frequently unsettling passages. Shortly after WWS, the band experienced a slight lineup change and focused more and more on the country elements of their music. I assure you their later output is still quality, but on WWS the disparate elements of their sound stood in perfect synchronicity. It is also probably their heaviest record—perhaps a direct result of playing Hellfest the year before. Continue reading »

Apr 302012

I’m a big fan of Australia’s The Amenta. So how I missed this news is mystifying, but better late than never: They will be digitally releasing a new EP called Chokehold sometime in May via Listenable Records. It will include two new songs —  the title track, “Chokehold”, and a cover of “Christ Bait Rising” by Godflesh. The band reports that both songs were recorded and produced “with a modern take on GODFLESH’S influential Street Cleaner album’s sound and aesthetic.”

The EP will also feature two live tracks taken from the bands 2011 V01D Australian Tour, as well as a remix of the track “V01D” from their last album.

As you can see, the cover art for the EP is done, and therein lies a tale. Apparently, the band tried to set up an ad on Facebook to publicize the EP, and Facebook rejected the ad because the cover art was considered “too extreme”. I guess Facebook has drastically different standards for advertising than it does for what people can put in their profiles and photo albums.

I like the picture of vocalist Cain Cressall up there — nice and metal — but it’s really not very extreme. No intestines are hanging out, no human organs are being consumed, no veins have been opened. Go figure.

I’m not positive how this EP relates to the band’s next album. In March they announced the new album’s title — Flesh is Heir — and a track list, and at that time they were finishing up the recording work. Doesn’t look like the new songs on the EP will be on the album. Of course, I’d be happier than a pig in shit to get an EP AND an album from these guys in 2012.

Two more pieces of news, including a new video, are after the jump . . . Continue reading »

Apr 292012

It’s only a coincidence. My rational mind knows that. But the still-superstitious part of me worries that there’s a chance, maybe only a 1% chance, that the appearance on the same afternoon of new videos of Mitochondrion and Dragged Into Sunlight is a sign that Cthulhu is commanding me across the dimensional membrane to write this post. And if there’s even a 1% chance of waking up tomorrow with all my orifices gorged with tentacles greedily sucking out my nutrients, I think I’m gonna play it safe.

Besides, I love these two bands. Or maybe I fear them. Maybe I love my fear. They both create apocalyptic atmospheres  – dark, anti-human, scourging.

Mitochondrion plays ritualistic war metal. In one of my previous posts about them this year (here), they were looking ahead to a show with the powerful Antediluvian on April 28 — last night — in Vancouver. Turns out they played a new song at that show, a song called “Insummation”, being played in public for the first time. There’s a video of it after the jump. The visual quality is decent, but the audio quality isn’t great. Still, it captures the brutalizing insanity of the song.

Dragged Into Sunlight played a show last night, too — at the SWR Metalfest in Barroselas, Portugal. The line-up for that festival was amazing, headlined by Immortal. Two videos have surfaced of the DIS performance. The sound quality is better than the Mitochondrion vid. Looks like DIS is still playing mostly with their backs turned  to the audience. The music is still ear-wrecking and flesh-rending. Continue reading »

Apr 292012

A solid month has passed since I posted the last installment of this series, and I’ve accumulated lots of shit for this one. I couldn’t bring myself to cut it back too much, so this installment is chock full of images and videos that I thought were metal, even though they’re not music. Felicitously, some of these items make nice pairings with each other. And though this is long, what else are you going to do on a Sunday? Give your hedgehog a bath? Inscribe new sigils on your arms with razor blades? Loll around in your underoo’s wondering what to do next? Do this next . . .


It’s almost a requirement that these posts include non-human weirdness from the natural world, so I thought I’d go ahead and get that out of the way from the top. Above is a photo (by Alexander Semenov) of a sandworm — more specifically a King Ragworm. They live in mudflats. They often reach great lengths, sometimes exceeding four feet. All of those legs protruding from the body not only provide a means of locomotion, they are also external gills through which the creature breathes. The King Ragworm also bites, and has been known to bite people.

If I came across one, I’d be conflicted by the impulse to get the fuck out of there as fast as possible and the desire to gaze upon its beauty. So I’d probably stand and stare, and wet myself. (via TYWKIWDBI)


Sticking with strange imagery, the next two items aren’t gif’s, though they do seem to move. Instead, it’s your damned eyes that are moving, even when you think they’re not. Those movements are called microsaccades. Even when we’re staring at a still object, our eyes keep darting around. Those movements “help us compensate for a peculiar property of the eye: if we stare at an object for too long, the signals each photoreceptor sends to the brain become weaker. Microsaccades refresh the photoreceptors with a different input and breath new life into our perception.”

The following images take advantage of that phenomenon to create the illusion of movement. And I thought this happens only when I get wasted, when everything moves of its own accord. Continue reading »

Apr 292012

(Welcome NCS reader/commenter/suggester-of-great music, Utmu, with his first guest post at this site.)

Hello everyone, this is my first full-article contribution to NO CLEAN SINGING—that’s right, after submitting a good number of bands and news articles to Islander and posting comments for quite some time, I’ve decided to get off my ass and really contribute something substantial to the site. So, to get on with what this post is about . . .

I recently went to the Wilmington, Delaware date of the excellent Occupation Domination 2012 Tour at Mojo 13 headlined by the mighty Origin and supported by a killer lineup, including the likes of Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Rings of Saturn, Battlecross, and Face of Ruin. As much as I may like or love some of those bands, I don’t plan on talking about them in this article. Instead, I’m going to give you information on some relatively local and generally unknown bands who played before Face of Ruin and the other aforementioned groups. You can find all of the bands’ Facebook pages at the bottom of the article.


What we have here is a magnificent melodic death act from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. These guys have been tearing up the local and East Coast music scenes since 1998, releasing a handful of material, including one demo, two EP’s, and a full-length called Frostburg 666, the first metallic assault of theirs to be released by a label, Born of Chaos Records. I also plan on reviewing Frostburg for you all at some point.

March to Victory started out as a straight-up black metal band and progressed into what I would say has become a melodic death metal group based on the change of style from Frostburg 666 and previous songs to the new single “Your End”.  In fact, since they have a “new” vocalist, Ron Evens (who, by the way is a really cool dude), they’re now harnessing a growl instead of a rasp, so in my opinion they’ve taken a big step into Amon Amarth territory with this new song. You can stream “Your End” exclusively on Vampirefreaks.com, where you can also stream two other tracks that are on the EP’s as well as a fifth track called “Pure Fucking Hatred”, which is from a 1998 demo, and what seems to be an early version of a song off the full-length called “Funeral Blizzard Beast”. Continue reading »