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(This is the final installment by TheMadIsraeli of a series devoted to a retrospective chronological analysis of the discography of Slayer. Links to all preceding segments of the series are at the end of the writing.)

So here we are, the conclusion.

Ultimately, I gotta be honest, I still love this band.  Despite, in hindsight, the inconsistency of a catalogue I used to think was perfect, the attitude, the envelope-pushing nature of their early material, their contributions to riff-craft on the guitar front of metal, are all things I can’t let go of and can’t dismiss as anything other than extraordinary. They’ve been such an influence on extreme metal, a pervasive one, that I feel like almost all the bands I’ve loved and a lot of my favorite albums were influenced by them, more or less heavily.

As of my finishing of this series, Slayer will be officially over as a band and a business on November 30th.  This will be the date of the last show of the Farewell Tour they are on.  The band have no plans that we know of to release a final record. All news sources thus far point to them having thought about it but ultimately deciding to scrap the idea and just let the band die where they are. I think I’m ultimately okay with this as a fan.  I’m really not sure what more they could do, and Repentless is a great album to go out on.  I have infinite respect for these guys as musicians and purveyors of art.

But how do I feel about Slayer’s catalogue?  Well, I’ve decided to take maybe a brash, but efficient approach. I made a tier list.

S = Essential
A = Great, almost essential
B = Good
C = Good but can do without
D = Bad



With that, I leave you with some quality Slayer covers by some bands I love.  Hope you enjoyed the return of “Higher Criticism”.  I already know what the next project is, but it’ll be quite awhile.  I spent half of this year doing this, listening to the discography multiple times and really making sure my thoughts were as honest and pinpointed as possible.  Thank you for reading.


PART 1 (Intro)

PART 2 (Show No Mercy)

PART 3 (Haunting the Chapel)

PART 4 (Hell Awaits)

PART 5 (Reign In Blood)

PART 6 (South of Heaven)

PART 7 (Seasons In the Abyss)

PART 8 (Divine Intervention)

PART 9 (Diabolus In Musica)

PART 10 (God Hates Us All)

PART 11 (Christ Illusion)

PART 12 (World Painted Blood)

PART 13 (Repentless)







  1. Havok’s cover of Raining Blood is one the best I’ve heard, they really nailed it.
    I wish I could’ve seen Slayer one last time, but finances got in the way of getting tickets when they played Kansas City. At least I did get to see all the different incarnations of the band from 1990 up to 2014, and they were absolutely killer at every concert.
    Can’t wait to get the Killogy blu-ray!

    • I enjoyed reading your reviews! We could not be further apart on W.P.B!!!! Best thing slayer has done since seasons… Lombardo’s drumming on par with south of heaven and season’s…

    • I’m sorry you weren’t able to see Slayer when they played Kansas City. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments on these excellent album revisits. Both yours and Israelis thoughts have been great to read. I hope you enjoy the Killogy blu-ray!

  2. I enjoyed reading your reviews! We could not be further apart on W.P.B!!!! Best thing slayer has done since seasons… Lombardo’s drumming on par with south of heaven and season’s…

  3. You’re a fucking pile of shit!

  4. This was a great series on an EXTRAORDINARY band that has not only influenced many, MANY bands but influenced my own writing. I seen Slayer only a handful of times but each time was like going to a gospel and being enlightened and transformed. I’m going to miss their output but their albums are TIMELESS forevermore. SSSSSSLAAAAAAAAAYEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!

  5. Really loved this installment of the series. It’s refreshing to read an honest look back on Slayer’s discography, and it helped me realize what I appreciate about their work at this point in my life. Great job and looking forward to the next project down the road.

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