Dec 122012

Krisiun’s eighth studio album, The Great Execution, was one of the best death metal albums of 2011. As Phro wrote in our review, “This album goes to war and it doesn’t bother with prisoners or survivors . . . . It’s the distinctive sound of flaming swords and armor crashing as the Morning Star leads his army against the Throne on the Plains of Heaven.” It’s a dynamic, diverse, endlessly listenable album that has lost none of its potency in the year since its release.

Yesterday we kind of made our own music video for the album, matching the song “Blood of Lions” to slow-motion film of one of nature’s most magnificent predators going flat out. Today, we give you the premiere of an official Krisiun video. This time the song is “The Will To Potency”, and this time the predators are those três irmãos from Brazil.

Blending footage from live performances with scenes of the band surrounded by death in the high desert of New Mexico, the imagery of the video matches the supreme bad-assery of the song. Right after a great acoustic guitar intro by guest guitarist Marcello Caminha, “The Will to Potency” starts in the pace of a war march, and then explodes into pure speed and brutality. The roaring vocals shout words of fury and defiance over an epic main riff, and the lead guitar brands the song with fast sweeps and arpeggio picking, raising shades of the band’s debut album, Black Force Domain. The music hunts, and it kills. Continue reading »

Aug 092012

Due to a combination of morning-long work commitments and another 5-hour flight home without wi-fi, this will likely be the last NCS post of the day.  Things should be more (ab)normal tomorrow.

In this post, I’ve quickly collected a variety of items that caught my eyes (and ears) last night.


Cattle Decap posted this status on their FB page last night: “We sodomized the city of Budapest, Hungary tonight. On Thursday we spill our seed upon the citizens of Czech Republic at Brutal Assault. Bye, bye fuckers”  At times like these, it’s fun to imagine the reaction of people outside metal if they knew how our bands showered gratitude on their fans. We, of course, only laugh.


I included news of this tour in a post on July 10 when only 13 dates had been announced. Now, a more complete schedule is available. I’m so fucking pleased to see a Seattle stop on the list. Septic Flesh . . . Krisiun . . . Melechesh . . . Ex Deo . . . Inquisition . . . wow . . . Continue reading »

Jul 102012

Oh my fucking dog. Take a close look at that tour poster above. Upon returning from my birthday Blog Break, I found a message from BadWolf with a link to this beautiful thing, and I nearly peed myself with excitement.

Okay, to be brutally honest, which is the only kind of honest we know how to be at NCS, I did pee myself, though it’s possible that’s the result of general diminution in bladder control that comes with advancing age and an “I can’t be bothered” attitude about going to the bathroom when the first tingling urges appear. Some people would say that I ought to quit fucking around and start manufacturing the NCS-branded adult diapers I’ve written about before, with the “Massive Wall of Penis” logo in the front and the Blastanus logo in the rear, and then start wearing them myself. But for me, I think a little urine stank improves my personal aroma.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Conquerors of the World 2012 Tour. It’s a North American tour and it features these bands:

Septic Flesh
Ex Deo

As for the tour schedule, it’s still developing, but it starts in October, and after the jump you can see the initial list of 13 dates. Also . . .  PIG DESTROYER! Continue reading »

Apr 302012

In this post, I have a few videos to start off your school-week, work-week, looking-for-work-week, or completely-fucking-off-week with a bout of headbanging. Because nothing sweetens up schooling, working, fruitlessly job-hunting, or fucking off like headbanging, am I right?  Yes, I am right.

Brazil’s Krisiun is currently finishing up a U.S. tour with Sepultura and Death Angel (the remaining dates are here). On April 15, they played Englewood, Colorado, and Superskum filmed a big chunk of the set. After the jump, I’ve embedded three of the song performances: “The Will To Potency”, “Ravager”, and “Combustion Inferno”. The video and sound quality are very good, and the music is pure spinal trauma.

In February I reviewed the 2011 album by Portland’s Elitist, Fear In A Handful of Dust. Among other words, I penned this immortal line: “Heavy fuzz, slamming or massively groaning chords, beefy bass, tremolo needling, and psychedelic swarming: these are among the implements of a wrecking machine that’s utterly heartless and wholly engulfing.” Today the band uploaded a video of their performance in Portland on April 28. The video includes two songs, “Tower of Meth” and “A Howling Wind”.

The video was filmed by Nick Gattman, and he did a helluva job. The band played this set on the floor of the venue, with no breathing room between them and the tightly packed crowd, and the camera viewpoint makes you feel like you’re right there in the middle of it. I love it when a band play on the floor, though I don’t get to see that happen much. Doesn’t take much for a vocalist to be consumed by a mosh pit, as happens in this video. It also exposes the band to loving caresses from audience members, which also seems to be happening in this video. But there’s no love in the music . . . it’s a mix of doomed, corrosive sludge and rancid death-grind blasting. Much fun to watch . . . after the jump. Continue reading »

Feb 102012

Thanks to Black Shuck for the tip on this news item. I’d seen the news about this tour last week before any details were available, but now we’ve got the schedule.

Three-quarters of this line-up get me hot and bothered — the quarters that consist of Death Angel, Krisiun, and Havok. I’ve been lucky enough to see Death Angel before, and I can testify that they are a blast to hear and watch. Krisiun is, well, Krisiun — some death metal heroes of mine that I’ve been hoping to see for years (and who ought to be at the top of this tour instead of a “support” act). And Havok is one of the few new thrash bands whose music doesn’t make me yawn after a while.

And that leaves Krisiun’s countrymen in Sepultura. If this were the Sepultura of the Cavalera brothers at their peak, the band that created albums like Arise, that would be one thing. But it’s not. I was so underwhelmed by A-Lex (2009) that I didn’t even listen to last year’s Kairos. Maybe that was a mistake, because I’ve since heard that it was a big step up (was it?). So, while I may not yet be hot and bothered by the idea of seeing Sepultura, I’m at least interested, and this tour will give me an excuse to see what Kairos is all about before it hits Seattle.

Yes, it’s coming to Seattle, and to 18 more cities in the U.S. and Canada (though it seems to be spurning the entire southern half of the U.S.). The schedule is after the jump. Continue reading »

Dec 262011

So, we begin. This is the first installment of this year’s list of the most infectious extreme metal songs, as determined by yours truly in his sole, defective discretion. To understand what this list is all about and how it was compiled, you may read the Introduction via this link.

Although my grand plans for how to begin this series were briefly derailed (as recounted here), I’ve bounced back. I still get to use my original pick for the second song in this Part 1 and I’ve found another song from the list of winners that will do nicely as a complement. I doubt it will shock anyone to learn that we’re starting with . . . death metal.

The first song featured today is by a Polish band called Nomad and it comes from their fourth full-length album, Transmigration of Consciousness, released in March of this year. I originally came across this band through a MISCELLANY post in February, in part because the band includes guitarist Seth from Behemoth, and then I later reviewed the album as a whole (here). To crib from that review, the album is “a kind of death-metal rave, a seamless flow of syncopated rhythms and synth-driven interludes that effectively combines elements of melodic black metal, industrial metal, and tyrannical death.”

The first song from the album that I heard remains my favorite. It’s called “Identity With Personification” and it makes for a nice ass-kicking launch to this series. Continue reading »

Dec 122011

(The time has come.  What time is that?  Why, it’s the time when we begin publishing our own series on the best metal of 2011 — lists created by our writers, guest contributors, and members of metal bands who we’ve specially invited to share with us their lists.  And what better way to start than by turning to Phro for the kick-off?)

Ahhh . . . 2011, how quickly you came and . . . went?  Are going?  Let’s just stick with came for now.

What a year it has been!  I think.  I don’t really remember it.  I think there was something to do with tentacles and a few zombie girls.  Seriously, someone please make the whole zombie/vampire/werewolf thing stop happening.  Please.  I’m begging you.  I can only take so much pithy teen angst foisted upon poor hapless creatures of the night.  GIVE THEM BACK THEIR BALLS, DAMNIT!!!

Seriously.  And wizards, too.  Enough of that shit.

Oh, right, and there was music, too.  Particularly metal music.  Particularly good metal music.  (Anyone who ever utters the words, “It’s been a bad year for metal,” should go out behind the chicken chopping shed and punch themselves in the throat with a rooster.  You fucking lazy scum fucker.)  But it`s the end of the year, and it’s not enough to simply say there was a lot of it.  You people from the Internet want proof all of the sudden!  You freaks with your memes and your porn and your meme porn and your porn memes.  And your rules!!!  So many rules!  Well, I have a new rule for you.  Rule number 0.5.  It states, quite clearly: anything that can be made into furry-rape-scat porn should be made into furry-rape-scat porn and then broadcasted on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC until foxes look sexy.  (But only when they`re covered in poop.)

Poop, poop, poop, poop . . . poop . . . poooooooooooooop . . . Continue reading »

Nov 032011

(I have been meaning to review The Great Execution, the new album by Brazilian heavyweights Krisiun, because it’s one of the best death metal albums of the year. I still intend to do that. However, Phro has beat me to the punch. Read it and weep. It’s full of THOOM and BOOM.)

The latest Krisiun album The Great Execution is available for your listening pleasure now.  More specifically, it should be blasting in your fucking ears right now, and if it’s not, I have to say, I’m gonna have to seriously reconsider our friendship.  It’s nothing personal, but I just don’t know if can trust a hairy man-dog that eats its own poop AND doesn’t even have the good sense to listen to fucking Krisiun.

But, being merciful (though incredibly unimportant and not just a little petty), I’ll assume that, perhaps, if you’re not listening to it, then maybe you a good reason.  Like loss of multiple limbs.  Or the death of your entire family (Frank Castle style).  Or, perhaps, you forgot it was November 1st.  Whatever the reason may be, this is my attempt at explaining how spinal-cord-fuckingly awesome this album is.  (Seriously.  Your spinal cord.  It’s gonna get fucked.  It’s as if Death were less interested in killing you and more interested in using the hole in your back created by ripping your spinal cord out through your ass as a cock sleeve to store up and save excess Death-semen.)

This album goes to war (as the cover attests) and it doesn’t bother with prisoners, survivors, or even survivors guilt.  (I don’t know what that last sentence means.) (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »

Oct 172011

The almighty Krisiun have a new album on the way. Called The Great Executioner, it will be released by Century Media in Europe on October 31 and in the U.S. on November 1.

Previously, Krisiun released a song from the album called “The Will To Potency”, which you can find for immediate brain-slaying purposes here.

This morning, the band released the second single from the album, entitled “Rise and Confront”.

You can hear it via the Soundcloud player below.

I really don’t need to say anything more, do I?

[soundcloud url=”″]

Oct 032011

I don’t have any scientific way of knowing the musical tastes of the people who visit this site, just rough guesses. My rough guess is that most of the music in this post will be on the outer edge of the comfort zone of most visitors, or maybe outside it altogether. But since I’m starting with Krisiun, maybe that will buy me some leeway from all our necrovorous readers on the final four entries in this round-up. And if it doesn’t, well, I’ve got teflon skin, so you can piss on me in the comments and it will roll right off, no harm done.

I admit that Krisiun is more down the middle of my own comfort zone, too, but for me, the outer edges of the zone are way out there, as the spectrum of this music proves. So, in addition to the new song from Krisiun, I found something to like about all the other new songs included in this post — from Censura (Ireland), The Browning (U.S.), Whitechapel (U.S.), and Subrosa (U.S.). Two of these new songs, by the way, are captured in well-made music videos, and so maybe you’ll be distracted by the moving pictures, though I hope you’ll get something out of the music, too.


The three, mean-ass, Brazilian death-metal overlords in Krisiun have a new album on the way. Called The Great Executioner, it will be released by Century Media in Europe on October 31 and in the U.S. on November 1. About 10 days ago, Krisiun released a song from the album called “The Will To Potency”. Somehow, I missed it until this past weekend. It’s stupendous, titanic, mind-bending. It lashes together strikingly proficient technical musicianship, bursts of head-spinning melody, guitar solos so white-hot as to melt lead, and the voraciously unclean vocal roars we all know and love so well. And wait ’til you hear the song’s intro. Limber up your neck muscles and hear this (right after the jump): Continue reading »