Jan 092012

With one exception, our 2011 edition of Listmania has finally drawn to a close (although TheMadIsraeli still has plans to elaborate on some of his choices with future reviews). The exception is my ongoing list of 2011’s “Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs”, which may still be ongoing this time next year if I don’t force myself to wrap it up soon.

Compared to what we did near the end of 2010, this year’s series of posts really mushroomed — 44 posts in the space of about five weeks.

Among other things, we were fortunate to receive year-end lists from many of the writers who made The Number of the Blog such a great source for discovering new metal. But this year we also significantly expanded the scope of our own coverage, reaching out to more band members, fellow bloggers, and our own readers to get their recommendations of the best music that 2011 had to offer. We also started the series by re-publishing Best of 2011 lists from magazines and “big platform” web sites who included metal in their own retrospectives about the year’s best music.

I thought it might be useful to collect in this one place links to all of the posts we published in our 2011 Listmania series, organized into the following categories:

  • Magazines and “Big Platform” Sites
  • Band Members
  • Other Bloggers
  • Guest Contributors (including NCS readers)
  • NCS Staff

So, if you’re still hunting around for new music or want to see what others have been saying about the albums you liked, check out the comprehensive set of NCS links after the jump. And thanks again to everyone who contributed to this endeavor and to everyone who made time to read what we pulled together.

Within each category, the linked posts are organized in their order of appearance:


MSN Entertainment – The Worst 10
MSN Entertainment – Top 50


Jesper Zuretti (The Binary Code)
“T” (Dragged Into Sunlight)
Tamás Kátai (Thy Catafalque)
Exo and Beleth (Noctem)
Van666 (Architecture of Aggression)
Stephen and Kenneth Parker (Arkhum)
Sean Golyer (Oak Pantheon)
Johan Huldtgren (Obitus)
Michael Cook (A Hill To Die Upon)
The Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection)
Michiel Dekker (The Monolith Deathcult)
Fredrik Huldtgren (Canopy)
Mika Andre (Eryn Non Dae., Nojia, ethersens)


Fireangel (Night Elves)
Trollfiend (Also, Wolves)
Alex Layzell (Grind To Death)
Tr00 Nate (TNOTB)
DemiGodRaven (TNOTB)
MaxR (Metal Bandcamp)
Snagon (TNOTB)
groverXIII (TNOTB)
Gaia (TNOTB)
Steff Metal
Valley of Steel


Rev. Will
Surgical Brute (revised list)
Other NCS Reader Lists


Andy Synn – The EPs and the Unheard
Andy Synn – The Great Albums
Andy Synn – The Good Albums
Andy Synn – Most Disappointing
Andy Synn – Critical Top 10
Andy Synn – Personal Favorites
BadWolf – The Final Nine
BadWolf – No. 1 Album of the Year
BadWolf – Most Metal Non-Metal


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