Feb 052019


(This is Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by the Japanese band Desecravity, recently released by Willowtip Records.)

It’s been quite a bit since my last small review here at NCS. Nonetheless, I now have the opportunity to write about one of my favorite acts from Japan. That band is Desecravity, and they released their third album entitled Anathema via Willowtip Records this past 25th of January.

This band was formed back in 2007 but it was not until 2012 that they released their debut effort, Implicit Obedience. I was fortunate to discover that release the same year thanks to a review that popped up in my newsfeed (my apologies, I don’t recall from where), and the cover art and name caught my attention. Continue reading »

Jan 152019


(This is Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by the French death metal band Ad Patres, which will be released by Xenokorp on February 8th.)

The following write-up is a special one for me. It concerns a band whose sophomore release elevated the quality of their music, preserving the sound that made them special but also evolving after so many years since their first album into a group that has a lot more to offer their fans.

Ad Patres formed in 2008 in France and released a demo in 2010, a split with Writhing in 2012, and then a full-length entitled Scorn Aesthetics released via Kaotoxin Records (now XenoKorp) in 2012. I discovered the album in 2013 and became a fan right away, enjoying how straight-forward and vibrant the music was, and the way in which the instruments interacted cohesively without getting in each other’s way. The vocals were especially good, giving added life to the music in patterns that suited it so well. Continue reading »

Dec 242018


(We present Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by the Czech band Epicardiectomy, which will be released on the 30th of December by New Standard Elite.)

The following review is for Epicardiectomy’s third opus, Grotesque Monument of Paraperversive Transfixion, to be released December 30th via New Standard Elite.

This band was formed back in 2007 in the Czech Republic and their type of BDM/Slam has a huge fan base around the globe. Personally, I tend to be picky when it comes to bands that are in this sub-genre. When I first encountered them early in their career, I hated them with a vengeance, and talked ill things about their name. Now, you might wonder why, and might also wonder what brought about the change of mind? Well, to be honest, it’s because of “The Serge“, their guitar player, who used to play in a band called Fleshbomb.

I remember admitting to myself, “I’ve only heard two songs that I did not like, and this new guitarist used to play in this other band, so let’s give this a chance”. So I proceeded to the Coyote Records Bancamp to listen to their first and second albums with an open mind, and guess what? This fucker bought the two albums right there — and the songs I hated? Well that reaction has not changed. From this experience, I’ve learned that sometimes giving a second chance works, and this time it did, and I don’t give two shits what anyone else might think. Continue reading »

Dec 132018


(Here’s Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by Disphexia, which is set for release at the end of this week by Lord of the Sick Recordings.)

This time around I have the opportunity to do a review for the upcoming album of Disphexia (from Ecuador) entitled Smelly Reverse Necromacy, set to be released December 15th via Lord of the Sick Recordings.

I must admit that I was not aware of this band until The Lord signed them (yes, shame on me big time) but after that announcement I decided to check out their 2015 debut album Blast Brain Carnage, which was released by Rotten Cemetery Records. I was really impressed with that first effort and loved the straight-forward songs, which for the most part were between 1:30 and 2:29 (with a few exceptions). The music was to-the-point, with no fillers, calculated to melt your face while headbanging — my type of release. Continue reading »

Dec 102018


(Here’s Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by the Australian band Habitual Depravity.)

This time around I was given the opportunity to do a small review for the band Habitual Depravity‘s debut album Realms of Abysmal Servitude, which will be released via Reality Fade Records on December 30th.

This project was started in Australia by Jono, and in 2017 the same label (Reality Fade) released a two-song promo, which was well-received and got a lot of us hoping for a full-length release soon. So when the announcement of the debut album was made in early 2018 I was stoked, especially because we learned that the drummer for this effort would be none other than Lord Marco Pitruzzella (Abuse, Hunhau Mitnal, Neurogenic, Six Feet Under, Sleep Terror, ex-Vital Remains, ex-The Faceless), who is one talented speedster behind the kit. Continue reading »

Dec 032018


(Vonlughlio reviews the new fourth album by the brutal death metal band Abdicate, which will be released by Sevared Records.)

This time around I’m very fortunate to be doing a small write-up for the new album by Abdicate entitled Reborn in Dyspathy, set to be released via Sevared Records in the upcoming weekd.

This project came to life back in  2008 in Rochester, New York (where I used to live in that same time), and released their debut EP Relinquish the Throne that same year. It showcased the talent and potential that could be developed in upcoming releases. Continue reading »

Nov 302018


(Today we premiere a full stream of the new album by Cosmic Atrophy from Biloxi, Mississippi, preceded by an introductory review by Vonlughlio.)

As you, my dear readers, already know by now, my small reviews usually focus on bands in the Brutal Death Metal genre (one of my favorites). Nevertheless, I do like other genres as well, such as Death, Black, Black/Death, and Doom Metal, just to name a few. But when given the opportunity to write for NCS,  I wanted to focus on a genre that could use more exposure. Also, Islander and the team of writers do a fantastic job in promoting/writing about all the main genres here.

With that being said, in my time here at NCS I have written about some non-BDM such as Mournful Congregation, whose release last year I was privileged to write a few words about.

This time around I am very fortunate to do a small write up for Cosmic Atrophy‘s sophomore album The Void Engineers. Simply put, it is for me how Progressive Death Metal should sound, and it has impacted me immensely. Continue reading »

Nov 272018


(On December 7th Xenocorp will release a special 25th-anniversary compilation of remastered material across the long career of the Dutch extremists Inhume. In this post Vonlughlio provides a preview of the release, including music, and an interview of the band’s guitarist Ben Janssen.)

This small preview is about Inhume, a Dutch BDM/Grindcore band that was founded back in 1994 who have released albums and shorter releases that for some (including me) are classics.  However, this project has not gotten the recognition it deserves, despite creating  quality music that is pure raw aggressiveness and reminds us of a golden era in the underground.

They have released some demos, splits, and four albums that are fast, deadly, in-your-face BDM/grind; the band just wants to rip your face off.  But their last release was the full-length Moulding The Deformed back in 2010, so you might understand that I’d given up on more music until I saw a FB status from the Xenocorp label that they would be releasing a compilation collecting all of Inhume’s demos and splits, tribute tracks, and previously unreleased material. Continue reading »

Nov 192018


(This is Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by Pittsburgh-based Post Mortal Possession, which was released on November 17th by Lord of the Sick.)

This time around I was given the opportunity to do a small write-up for Post Mortal Possession‘s debut album Perpetual Descent, which was just released by Lord of the Sick Recording. This band is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was formed back in 2013. Prior to this debut full-length, they released two EPs,  Possessing Entity back in 2014 and Forest of the Damned in 2016.

I became aware of the band’s existence when The Chicago Domination Fest 2017 lineup was announced and their name was among the ones to be found there. So, I decided to check their EPs and thought they were good — there was talent for sure — but (at least for me) nothing special. Continue reading »

Oct 292018


(Vonlughlio prepared this review of the new album by Certainly Demented, which will be released on November 15th by the Russian label Lord of the Sick Recordings.)

For me this year in Brutal Death Metal has been another good one. I’ve found new bands, and more familiar ones have released new material that’s been better that their previous efforts. In my last appearance at NCS my small write-up was for a band called Insidious Squelching Penetration that I recently discovered and just fell in love with at first listen, and I mention that because I’m now turning to another band that came out of nowhere to take over my soul.

The band is Certainly Demented (and they certainly are), with their debut album Inhaling The Fragances of Insanity, to be released via Lord of the Sick Recordings this November 15th. Continue reading »